Right and Wrong


The year 2012 has been eventful in a true sense. Everyone is aware of how a major portion of the people came together for causes like the Jan Lokpal Bill and the recent Delhi rape incident. There is immense power vested in the people of a country, what is required is the realization that it can be harnessed. I keep telling that this country needs another revolution. Slowly we are headed there and you’ll see the youth being the major contributors to it. Like they say in the Tata Tea ad, “abhi toh desh ubal raha hai”. How you and I can be a part of it? By doing your bit. If every individual has the sense of right and wrong and they stick to doing what is right, you don’t need anybody to teach you, monitor you or control you.

Every kid is probably taught what is right and what is wrong and yet I wonder how people end up with crooked minds, such that they don’t care about the value of another person’s life. No person has the right to touch another person without the individual’s consent. This should be rooted into the minds of the people.

We as individuals should teach our children right from the beginning about the ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’. Children should be aware of whether the person touching him/her is trustable. Whether they are comfortable or the touch makes them uncomfortable. They should report to the parent when something is odd. When many rape incidents go unreported, most child molestation incidents never come out in the open. A child may be ignorant, may be scared or may even be threatened which makes the kid maintain silence. Most of these incidents shockingly involve family members. But every child is left with mistrust towards others.

I have myself been there, faced that. At that point of time, I was scared to narrate the incident to my parents as I felt nobody would believe me. Even till date only my mother and my husband are aware of the incident. I was sharp or aware enough to keep distance and be alert of the people post the incident and hence maybe I was spared in the sense of not having faced worse scenarios.

It enrages me when I see people kissing small kids on their lips. God! I feel like dragging them and giving them a piece of my mind. Learn how to cuddle a baby. Kiss a baby on the cheek or forehead if you wanna show your affection. I hate it when people pull hard at a child’s cheek too. They behave as if it’s cuddling and that it doesn’t hurt. It does!!

There’s a kid which comes in our office cab and I observed that the driver pulled really hard at her cheeks everyday. The child would begin to cry and he would pretend as if nothing happened. I know he adores the kid, but this was no way to behave. I did reprimand him a couple of times. I think it was also the mom’s duty to tell him strictly, not to do it. But she amazingly every single time kept quite. One fine the day, the kid closed her cheeks with her cute little palms when she was getting down and that is when he felt bad and realized that it was hurting the kid. He stopped doing it from the next day.

Why does a child or as a matter of fact any being have to express to you about how to treat him/her/it? Don’t you as a human being have the rationality to know what to do?


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  1. Tatsat says:

    I think there is a lot that we ,as human beings, need to learn. Of course, behaving with fellow human beings is on the top of that list ( I say human beings because, the even little boys go through a lot ). I have known of fathers exploiting daughters, of brothers exploiting sisters and there is, of course, the whole Uncle series of cases- makes me sick to the very core. Awareness, they say, is not always pleasant. But we must choose to accept the truth rather than gloss over it, right ?

    Much has been talked about this case and, I have spoken my mind too. But I still think that the real reason why women today suffer is because, other women do not come forth to support her cause. Would my mother hand me over to the police if I rape someone and come back home to hide ? I do not think so.

    There is also this phenomenon of criminalisation of victim. What you heard from jackasses like Asaram Bapu, Abhijeet Mukherjee et al is precisely that. So that needs to be put on record too.

    So, what is the way out ? Responsible mothers. Nothing else is going to make the slightest of difference. If the boy is thrashed the first day he touches/talks about/intends to touch girl the wrong way at some young age, I am sure that will amount to course correction. Other measures are cosmetic and inconsequential. What do you think ?

    1. I meant both boys and girls and hence the reference “kids/child” in my post. I am sorry if that did not come across clearly..

      Although I agree with you that women play a very important role and it is their duty to support the right and correct the wrong where they can, I beg to differ on the point that it only takes responsible mothers to correct them.

      As far as I have seen, firstly, kids don’t voice out such thoughts/intentions in front of their parents. Also I have seen that parents have a very good impression about their children from whatever they see at home, which is why they defend their children, not because they want to support the wrong.

      Secondly there are certain things, especially moral values that every individual should build on their own. All kids from a single house may not turn out similar though the parenting will be same. People get lured by the corrupt world and it’s ways and they assume that it’s easy to get away. Many of these issues are sensitive and most people keep quite about them, which is what gives strength to their crooked intentions.

      It should be brought out in the open and there should be a fight for justice (like in the recent case). A sense of fear needs to develop in the mind of the wrong-doers, which will stop the rest from comminting such crimes.

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