The invisible leash


Isn’t there a totally different person within us which we almost always keep on a leash? Surely there is one in me!

A person whose head starts moving, hands start swaying and leg starts tapping at the beats of a song, wanting to just break loose and dance! Not caring about the people or the place around.

A person who wants to run out and play in the rain!

A person who wants to give a tongue lashing to the auto driver demanding unreasonable fare, those wreckless drivers on the road, those nasty eve teasers, the lady in the queue who thinks she can just walk ahead and should be attended to first, the policeman who walks into any hotel and walks away without paying.. Oh my! I can go on.. with the list.

A person who wants to leave her hair open loose and not worry about hairfall or about the lecture from mom.

A person who wants to be a part of a discussion and be heard.

Most of the times there are a million things which stops us from doing what we really want to. There are restrictions, a need to maintain decorum, a manner in behavior expected of the role you play in life, a need to keep quite due to fear of facing the unwanted, some things you can’t change.

Ah! How I wish there could be day in a week, let me call it “Arch’s day”, when I could do just what I want, do what I wish, be with whom I want to, dance, play, laugh, sleep, read or do nothing at all. Just be care-free, not bothered about the rest of the world. A day to unleash ‘me’! 😀


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