My Ajji


Two days back, when I was asleep at night, I started shivering and turning around involuntarily. Though subconsciously I was aware of what’s happening, I wasn’t able to stop it. I was still asleep. The scared hubby held me and woke me up. Then the shivering stopped. I was worried. Kept asking him what happened? It wasn’t something that happened to me before. What I was worried was if it was some kind of a fit/seizure. He pacified me telling it wasn’t anything of the sort. The entire week, having overworked at office and home, I am left a little strained. It could have possibly been because of that.

But one incident that came rushing back to my mind from my memory, was one which had left me really scared at that point of time. šŸ˜¦ As kids it was common for me and my sis to be alone at home. With both parents working, there wasn’t a choice. So, I loved it when my grandma, in this case my mom’s mother, used to come to stay with us. One such summer time, when she and my cousin were staying with us, we were all in the hall, lying on the floor, on a mat. My sister and her friend were on the computer doing some thing in the room.

My grandma who was asleep suddenly started having seizures. We didn’t know what to do. My sister and her friend came running hearing me shriek. The next thing I remember is me rushing to the nearest doctor’s clinic, crying. Asked the doctor, who was looking at patient, to please come home and take a look at my grandma. The doctor consoled me and left with me immediately. By the time we came home, the seizures had stopped and my grandma was unconscious. He gave her an injection and checked upon her and stayed with us until she regained consciousness. Surprisingly grandma didn’t remember or realize what had happened. He inquired her and left.

Later in the day when my parents spoke to my Mama (maternal uncle) did we realize that this had happened before. Since grandma didn’t remember anything, they had ignored it to be something small. After this incident she was taken to a hospital and a series of tests revealed that it’s a form of nervous weakness which caused this and it could be severe. She was prescribed tablets that she has to take throughout her life. It’s a medication which prevents the seizures from occurring. Though the dosage has reduced over time, she has to take the tablets till date.

It was one horrible day and my shivering brought back the thoughts of it. I love my grandma. šŸ™‚ My mom went back to work when I was really young, about 2yrs or so. During those days, grandma stayed with us. She used to take care of me and I used to spend almost all my time with her. One of my earliest memories with grandma is me sleeping on her lap in a blue frock with black spots. I was suffering from measles and my creche teacher had come to visit us and see me. The memory is clear in my mind.

My grandma had suffered a lot. Widowed at a very young age, with three kids, with the youngest being a few months old and my mom being about two and half years of age, she had to move to a town in Tamil Nadu to stay with her younger brother, as she had no one else in her family to turn to. She worked there as an assistant in a hospital for the mentally challenged. She cooked food for them and supplied it. Being dependent on her brother for everything, she couldn’t ask for much. Sons were able to study only till 12th, in a Government school, due to lack of money. My mom being brilliant, got a scholarship and was able to complete her BSc, on her own. Having less money my grandma had to agree to marry off my mom at the age of 19 when some help was offered by her husband’s brothers. She lost her youngest son when he was just around 25 yrs of age. Later, she moved to Bangalore with her eldest son, when he was offered the job, the younger brother had.

As kids we often visited the place in Tamil Nadu, where she had stayed, where my mom grew up – Courtrallam . A beautiful place, most famous for the numerous waterfalls it has. Have wonderful memories associated with the place. Presently my grandma stays in Bangalore with her eldest son and his family. šŸ™‚ We visit her as often as we can and meet her at all the special occasions. She plump, soft, squishy and the warmest grandma anyone can have. I absolutely adore her. Love sleeping on her lap. May she live to be a thousand! As I am off to visit her today evening, I pray she is blessed with a long, healthy and happy life. šŸ™‚

P.S: Ajji means grandma in Kannada. šŸ™‚


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