Every drop counts…


We don’t really know the value of a thing until we lose it. How many times have we heard this and thought, how true it is!

A simple poem which I learnt back in school has somehow stuck in my mind for so long. I find it beautiful, coz the though essence is of much value, it’s written so simply. Below are the lines –

Boond boond ke milne se ban jaata hai sagar,
Sooth sooth ke judne se ban jati hai chadar,
Minute Minute ke milne se ban jaata hai saal,
Tan man se tum date raho hal honge sabhi sawal.

Paisa paisa jodo toh ban jaoge dhanwan,
Thoda thoda chal kar dekho, dekh sakoge Hindustan,
Acche acche kaam karo aur baatein pyaari, pyaari,
Desh humara jhoom uthega, naach uthegi dharti saari

What it essentially conveys is that a bit by bit, great things can be achieved. Just like how a million drops together make an ocean, minutes put together make a year, basically how every bit matters. But this poem also comes to my mind, when I use water. I have always made it a point to use water only as much as it is required, to minimize the wastage. So basically, I can’t tolerate unnecessarily running taps, badly maintained dripping taps, people using pipes for car and vehicle cleaning, when they can use a bucketful of water etc.

In fact, I gave a lady a piece of my mind even at office. The lady was apparently washing her hands, happily-slowly lathering soap on her hand and had left the tap running all this while. A couldn’t tolerate it even for a few seconds. I reached across and shut the tap and told her “Can’t you switch off the tap, when not in use? Please don’t waste water.” She was pretty embarrassed and even till date I am sure she remembers it. I can read it on her face when I see her. 😀

The point here being that water is precious. So far I have been lucky, having an open well at mom’s place and 3 days water supply a week at the in-laws place. We never faced a shortage. Importantly, we know how not to waste it. But everywhere I see people who don’t care about it, who leave taps running, even the supply pipes are not well maintained in many parts of the city. A lot of water is lost in transit and the officials are least bothered about these things!

Yesterday, we got the drilling for a bore-well done at the site where we plan to construct a house. Though the point was marked by a geologist, with all required equipment, we got no water. The drilling went upto a humungous 925 feet, in vain! We lost 1.25 lakhs! It left me hugely disappointed and everyone at home really sad. There was a time when Bangalore was filled with huge lakes, had a good rainfall every year, almost every house had a good source of water, every well/bore-well drilling resulted in finding a water source. But with time and the tree slashing, bad maintenance and depletion of lakes and under-ground water, bad spell of rains due the change, the boom in the number of apartments in the city, who drill numerous bore-wells and suck all the underground water, the water levels have gone scarily down.

At this rate, I wonder how things will be in the future? If we, today are forced to pay huge amounts for water supply to be done, using water-tankers, what will be left for the future generations? I think every single person needs to give it a moment of thought, about the problem which will get bigger and bigger and what they can do to help.

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  1. Monkey Mind says:

    925 feet and still no water?!? OMG! A rude shock and wake up call indeed!

    Yes arch, wastage of water in forms of leaking pipes, water tank vehicles etc can be seen everyday on roads too. Sadly, it hardly seems to bother anyone.

    True that on letting taps run. The social conscience and a sense of responsibility for nature, society must be nurtured by parents – I tell this, because we have family friends who come home and wash their face or rinse a coffee mug using gallons of water by letting the tap run the whole time while lathering. And, the same thing is repeated by their kids too. Grrr. Too annoying!

    1. That is so true! If only such parents have some sense to correct their children! It is the children who are going to face the nature’s wrath in the future!

  2. Mi says:

    ohh that’s really bad! i wish monsoons are better this year..
    I will keep in mind too, when i am about to waste water! 🙂

    1. Yeah we need a good monsoon this time! *Fingerscrossed*

      Thanks Mi, for doing your bit. 🙂

  3. Bhargavi says:

    I’ve seen some characters like this as well.. I guess a lot of people don’t really care about water going waste.. Food – they might think twice about .. water-not , really! Just a matter of attitude.

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