A place you call Home…


… An area that you lived for 24 years. The place where your school is. The lanes that you have roamed around so much that you know every shortcut. You know the cross roads to take. You know the places to eat, you know the parks to go for a walk. You know the market to buy stuff. The house of all your friends are close by.

The familiar faces in most of the shops and market. The neighbors who saw you grow up. The houses of friends, whom I have visited hundreds of times. All the friends have moved to different places for job, studies and post wedding. Can only see their parents in the house now.

The streets where me and my cousins played all sorts of games, where numerous evenings were spent with us kids competing against the elders at badminton. The place where I fell hard and got hurt badly when trying to ride the bicycle for the first time, all by myself. 🙂

Just entering the area fills me with delight. Numerous roads that me and my friends having taken during school days, sometimes rushing home at top speed and sometimes walking lazily, pushing the cycles along, chattering away. The Ganesha temple, which is my favorite, where the idol seems most beautiful. He who has been a witness for all the events in my life so far. I feel distanced from him, from all the nice things. 😦

I know it will take me some time to like the new place, to explore it’s lanes which may be equally beautiful. It will take me some time to make new friends, to get acquainted to the new neighbors. But for now, let me sulk, let me feel that it’s so unfair coz right now I miss my home so much!! 😥


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  1. greenboochi says:

    Tight hugs Arch!! 😦 😦

    Exactly my thoughts sometimes! Each and every small thing carries so many memories with it that, its difficult to call anything else home.

    Sometimes I think of the future, how it will be for my kid.. she would love this place, just like how I loved mine back then.. and somehow I feel I shouldnt carry negative feelings around it. But again, that doesnt guarantee that these thoughts never come up!

    1. So true.. That’s exactly what I was thinking some time back, that I have to live here, my future is here and I should work towards making it my home. But the memories and fond feelings keep pulling us back. 😦

  2. Tatsat says:

    I am sure you will come to fall in love with new places, and make new friends- even better than the ones you had. While the things and people of past are worth missing, there will be a new palace built- side by side. Better things are yet to come, always.

    If you ask me, I believe that everything and everyone is replaceable. Difficult and painful the process might be, but it is so anyway. But that might just be me who thinks so.

    1. I know and believe so too.. Yet the memories just come gushing back sometimes and I feel sad. Otherwise, I am ok. 🙂

  3. Mi says:

    Aww….hugs! ❤

    I have been a nomad since last 5 years, and I miss my home as much as you do. But "beti paraya dhan hoti hai…ek din use apne ghar se apne pati ke ghar jaan padta hai" and all that crap is true! 😦

    This post was so nostalgic! 😥

    1. Thanks Mi! 🙂 Hugs right back!!

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