Mixed Bag – II


♠ This drilling in the adjacent site has been on for months! That dag-dag-dag sound makes me feel like they are drilling right through my head. To add to that the vibrations are so strong, that our tables and surroundings can sense it too. Every time I have to remind myself, It’s okay, it’s not an earthquake. 😛 They have been drilling to demolish the existing building and a huge Prestige group apartments will come up in it’s place. First the acquiring of the place, then the demolition and then the reconstruction, how much money they must have!! :O

♠ I saw a Harley Davidson bike!! On the road!! In our own city!! At the South End signal!! Really.. That’s how I was acting when I saw it and went home. It seemed so awesome! All blue and cool and it’s typical sound! But the reactions I got, left me stunned. What’s the big deal? It’s become common nowadays! There a store also somewhere! Left me :O once again! There is in fact a store in Bangalore (I looked it up :D)  on Lavelle Road.

♠ I thought only our company management and HR people sucked! But there seems to be  a whole buncha guys like that, everywhere! Apparently courtesy, basic civility don’t seem to be a part of the Human Resources Department in many companies. They are eager to get in touch with you when they are hiring. But they don’t think it their duty to reply to emails/calls when a person wants any update about the interview/joining details! 😐

♠ I am tired of thinking what gift to give to my husband for the first year anniversary! Yeah I know! 😦 It’s just the first year and yeh haal hai, wonder if he’ll get anything few years down the line. The problem is he has all the usual stuff! Clothes (many, still brand new), wallet (got him one on his b’day), perfume(got him one when we were engaged), watch (has a couple of them already!), smartphone (he doesn’t want that!). Well anything higher than this, goes beyond the budget of a gift! I have been thinking of a cycle! (hehe :D) What? It will keep him fit and I can go around too. 🙂 But he seemed reluctant to buying a new one some time back when we were thinking of doing something to get him started on some exercise! He knows it will accumulate dust in a few days. :-/ Now I am clueless… Seriously! It’s so easy to pick a gift for a woman!

♠ The house construction is on in full swing! And of all the things, I only dream of my terrace garden and a balcony with a swing, on which I can plop myself with a book. All this when it is actually 8 pm by the time I reach home. 😦 Well, what’s wrong in dreaming, isn’t it? ♥ 🙂


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  1. Mi says:

    drilling…oh no!! I know it must be crazy!! I have seen a few Harley Davisons on the road!! 😀 Dnt get me started on the HR in our offc 😛 And ya gifts for guys :/..
    And cheers to ur dream! !:D May all of it come true! 🙂

    What a pleasant post! 🙂 I like!

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