The Television…


… and me have a strange relationship.

I know a lot of people who love watching television. To such extents that can’t imagine a day without it. I have been there too. But as a school going kid. Back then I was super excited about the cartoons and after a certain age the serials which were aired on TV. So much that, I used to rush home, riding the cycle at an amazing speed to reach home just in time for the 4 ‘o clock show on DD. 🙂 A few of my friends were that crazy too. The next day we would discuss about who reached first and who missed what!

The house where we stayed at that time, had an enclosure in the wall itself, a kind in which the TV would go right in! Unfortunately we had a three seater sofa placed right below it. I would watch all the shows sitting right there, lifting up my head and eyes glued to the TV.  End Result? I started wearing spectacles in class 9. 😛 Oh my! I just can’t forget the number of times I had got scoldings for that!

At teenage it would be more about watching the soaps that Mom watched and make fun of the never-ending-melodramatic-sagas. Me and Sis had super fun making fun of how the granny might be a good 200 yrs old and yet looked the same in the serial, how just any character could resurrect whenever they wanted. We kept irritating mom saying how she watched that stupid stuff!

When I moved to Chennai for two years, for work, it was totally different. Initially we didn’t have a television. It was a good, different, peaceful feeling! But as always (there will be atleast one TV buff in every home) my roommate was crazy about TV and we all pitched in and bought one. When I reached home in the evening I would continue with the cooking and stuff. She would come home and always ask me, “I never see you switch on the tv when I am not there!”. I just never felt like!

At times I would join her and watch a couple of episodes of shows like Roadies. And then there would be times when me and the other roomie pestered her, passing comments on all the characters in the soaps she watched. The only show that I watched frequently and really liked was Crime Patrol. Otherwise I would spend weekends doing other stuff. The stay at Chennai distanced me totally from the TV.

That nature sort of stuck when I was back in Bangalore. At home, Dad and Mom would anyway fight for the match and serial and I would watch the fun. Tired of it, my dad placed 3 televisions in the house! Yeah three!! One in every room, so that my mom spares some place for him. 😛 I still wasn’t drawn much to it.

Now in my in-laws place, they are driving me towards hating the idiot box. For one, here the TV is switched on ALL THE TIME (Okay, minus the sleeping hours 😛 ). I HATE it! All the years of our upbringing, Dad never let us increase the volume beyond 5 to 7. Here the volume of the set top box is at 100 and that of the TV is around 50 to 60. I know it’s unbelievable! Initially I was shocked!! But then I see the others in the house seem totally ignorant to it. If the volume is lowered a bit, someone will come along and increase it. With 6 other people in the house, excluding me, it’s tough to control them!

My MIL is glued to the TV all day long. Watches almost every soap, Hindi and Kannada, almost on all channels throughout the day. The TV isn’t turned off, even when cooking. She even multitasks – that is, watches multiple shows on at the same time. A break in one channel, she switches to the other and back and forth. It is so frustrating and I am really tired of it! Talk to her, ask her anything, narrate something to her, all in vain. Generally she is so engrossed that won’t even hear and mostly even if she does, she doesn’t respond. I used to feel really bad initially, but now I am sort of used to it.

How I spend my time you ask? Knitting, Browsing, Reading, basically stuck in my room, as I am tired of all the noise! At this moment, right now, the volume is so high that from my room upstairs, I know she’s watching a soap on Star Plus! 😦


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  1. paatiamma says:

    🙂 Try ear phones just to plug out the outside noise..At least she does not pester trying to make conversation and finding fault with you.Peace!

    1. Arch says:

      LOL yeah! 😀 Fault finding would have been worse. 😛

  2. Archita says:

    Good that she has something to do..:)..I always heard comments from close people like “too much westernized” because I never could love watching/discussing those horrible TV shows ( from saas bahu sagas to those MTV shows) !..In Bangalore , most weekends , the husband and I spent time at Rangashankara..Check that place, that’s heaven on earth for art loving people..:)

    1. Arch says:

      LOL at the too much westernized thing! How do people even come up with such things! 🙂

      Yes.. Rangashankara! Have been there.. But not off late.. Should go sometime soon.

  3. greenboochi says:

    I have been there! TV at my in-laws place suffers so much. They switch it on early in the morning and it goes on until late at night. Now, my parents watch TV too, as they feel lonely n all. But then, when we are with them, they seldom turn on the TV. I get to spend a lot of time talking to them, when I am with them. Going to ILs place, TV remains switched on all the time.. with high volume. All the eyes are fixed to the TV screen all the time and no talking happens at all. After suffering a lot of stress for a week in office, if this is the way I get to spend my weekend, its no fun at all. I beg S to atleast mute the TV when Ads are shown.. but then, they all would switch channels and watch something esle during the Ad time. Sgh Sigh! 😦 At first, I used to get a lot irritated. Now I am kind of used to it too. I always want to connect to people I believe are family and Watching TV isnt spending time together. If I decide to be in my room, unable to bear all that noise, I will be labelled rude. Sigh! 😦

    1. Arch says:

      Ah! Same state as mine! I wonder what fun they get in all of us sitting together and staring at the TV, with no conversation! Well, it doesn’t seem like a thing which will change.. I guess we have to just make do!

      How is your mom now? Feeling better?

      1. greenboochi says:

        She is much better Arch. She will have to go through another minor surgery this Saturday, I hope she would be feeling better after that.

        1. Arch says:

          oh ok. Take care! Wishes for a speedy recovery to your mom.

  4. Mi says:

    I exactly know what you mean.. For me, lately, any kind of noise has become unbearable. My c ousin told me that is is misophonia. A condition. Especially the tv noise makes me go crazy… At our house, TV has never been important. We have not upgraded our TV in the longest time now.. but at my PG, my roommate does what u just mentioned.. and I don’t know most of the times, what I should be doing… so i plug in my earphones and watch my series on the laptop…

    that was a nice post! 😀

    1. Arch says:

      Thanks Mi! 🙂

      Misophonia sounds scary. 😦

      I somehow don’t like the feeling of plugging in the earphones too.. Esp the kind which goes into the ear. It gives me a headache. Even on the laptop I prefer watching stuff using the built-in speaker, rather than earphones. Well.. I have to find workarounds! 😦

  5. Titaxy says:

    tv was not watched as much growing up. appa used to watch this and that every evening, but we weren’t allowed to unless it was cartoons (even during teenage years, :P) but now, i find myself glued to tv some evenings and i hate it. i don’t watch soaps, but still..i hate that i am spending all those hrs watching tv and not reading. need to change that bit, soon.

    1. Arch says:

      That’s okay! It’s probably just a phase or it’s some interesting show. I think it’s ok to watch it for a break in the day, as long as it doesn’t eat up a lot of our time!

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