SL Series II (The in-laws)


Not following the conventional order of childhood to the present,Β  I would like to write the posts in the order of the things I learnt about and from SL.

When conversing I found out that she previously worked as a journalist. It was through one of the editors there that she found contacts and moved to towards the technical writing field in IT ( for the obvious monetary reasons ). After having worked in multiple places, she is now here.

Back home, she has her daily struggle, esp with her FIL. He has a son (SL’s husband) and two daughters. But according to him the rules are different for daughters and DILs. Though the in-laws stay in the same house, he doesn’t want to take the responsibility of taking care of the grandchild, even for a while. SL’s daughter goes to school and then to a day care, despite the fact that there are people at home.

He doesn’t let her have a maid at home. After her office work, she needs to go pick up her daughter from day care, go home and cook, wash the vessels, do all the cleaning herself. No one does anything to help her out! The only reason SL tolerates the man is because she has a nice MIL. Though she can’t do much to change her husband’s attitude, she is really appreciative of SL and supports her in whatever manner she can.

Apparently her FIL dislikes her as his son married SL against his wishes. SL on the other hand waited for a good 9 years to marry the guy. She had to wait as his sisters were yet to get married. She chose to wait for him, despite all the oppositions. Yet she has to face this treatment. Her husband unable to speak anything in front of his parents, often stays out of the arguments and doesn’t help her out.

Well.. The recent change which worked out well for her is her parents-in-law moving to new a house, as their daughter is facing some issues in her marriage and they have relocated to stay with her. Well, at least SL can now have a maid to help her out with stuff.

What amazes me is her cheerful nature despite facing so many issues back home and having to do so many tasks. I on the other hand even crib about people not talking to me at home. πŸ˜›

More on her childhood in the next post… πŸ™‚


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Mi says:

    You know what i liked the best in this entire post? The childish confession about you cribbing despite people not talking to you at home, and then that smiley… roflmao!
    that’s so sweet and funny.. i thought posts about SL would be deep, and serious… but i like fun…and seems like u do it too πŸ˜€

    ok, anyway… i know many friends w ho are like SL, but i wonder, what makes them the way they are….soo positive…i always believe one needs to have a very strong force of LOVE in life, which makes any issue seem futile!

    πŸ™‚ May that love always be with SL… and ofcourse with u too! πŸ™‚

    1. Arch says:

      Thanks Mi! πŸ™‚ Hehe πŸ˜€ I can be sort of stupid and kiddish sometimes (ok.. a lot of times)! πŸ™‚
      Her story is serious if you actually look at it. Maybe you will find it so in the coming posts. But the way she seems to look at it and laugh about it, it’s amazing! I too keep wondering what gives such people the strength? Your love for life statement, makes so much sense!!

  2. Mi says:

    No.. The post was serious.. It conveyed what u intended.. Really.. I didn’t mean to say that it sounded funny or anything.. But just that one sentnce and the smiley :P..

    SL has intrigued the likes of me.. And every life has a story and its just waiting to be told..

    1. Arch says:

      I know what you meant! It made me so happy actually to know that you made that subtle observation (the smiley thing)! πŸ™‚

  3. Aakanksha says:

    you know what.. company of such people can bring a big change in your life too.. lots of love and power to SL.
    You penned it very well.

    1. Arch says:

      Hey Aakanksha! Welcome here! πŸ™‚
      Indeed it’s powerful too be in the company of inspiring people. Thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚

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