SL Series III (The childhood)


Well.. We thought the in-laws problem is a common thing. After all which DIL doesn’t complain about her in-laws and where are there such great in-laws on this planet, who will be all praises for their DIL. They just belong to different species. Period.

What we always told her was, “it’s your fault that you are tolerating it! Get a maid and stop complaining that your FIL doesn’t let you keep one. If you put your foot down, what can he do?”. We knew her parents stayed close by and told her many a times, go there if you are frustrated. At least it will divert your mind. She said that she doesn’t feel good there either. But that’s just about how much she shared about her parents.

On our usual post-lunch walk one day, I was very depressed about some reason. I was telling them how off-late I am frustrated and irritated with every tiny thing. The next question that came up was if I had cried properly when my dad passed away. SL didn’t know what had happened to my dad and that day I shared it with her.

That’s when she told me, that she had lost her mother, the same day that she was born. We were shocked, as she had mentioned about her mother in a few conversations. She went on to explain that the person she mentioned was her step-mother. A person who hated her all her childhood. SL is not even sure why she hates her.

She spoke about how her step-mom ill-treated SL and her brother during their childhood. She specifically was very jealous and hated the fact that SL looked very fair and pretty as a child. She had made cuts on her arms, just out of spite and anger. The scars (they really are scars and not marks, which shows how deep the cuts were) on her hand say it.

There was an instance where the cut on her hand was so deep that it had cut one of her veins. SL who was terrified of hospitals got scared and went to her workplace instead. The friends there rushed her to the hospital and she had to get stitches on the hand. She was around 23 to 24 years of age at that time. That is the day she left home. She made the brave decision of staying alone at that age. She didn’t get support from her father in any manner. Forget support, he didn’t even stand up for her when her step-mom spread unnecessary bad rumors about her staying alone.

Her step-mom had gone to the extent of trying to ruin her wedding, making spiteful remarks about her staying alone, in front of her in-laws. Another reason why her FIL is against her. But luckily her husband took a stand, that he will only marry her (Thank God for that!) and it somehow worked out (even if she had to wait 9 years for it!).

At this point you maybe wondering (or was it just the Hercule Poirot in me?) that how can all these things happen to the same person? Maybe she was exaggerating it when narrating all this. But in my further posts, I will tell you why I believe this lady and every word she says! She may speak a tad too much, but I don’t think she will lie!


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  1. Mi says:

    frankly… i dnt wanna judge, but thats what am gonna do until your next post. I think… deep cut marks on her… i’d rather think, that she did that to herself. i have a friend who has these scars on her hand…starting from the wrist uptil the upper arm… and she would tell always, that she was in an abusive relationship and he did it to her. But when we got really close, she started confiding and she told me, that she did that to herself in anger… she wanted to commit suicide but wasn’t brave enough to make cut that deep.

    I don’t know how the story unfolds, but if all this is true, and like real-real then my heart goes out to SL… perhaps, i think you had a strong enuf reason to come up with a series of her post… and since i dnt knw SL directly, i can only judge and comment 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      Like I said.. I will give some reasons why I believe her. It’s natural to think the way you are thinking. That’s where I was… thinking on similar lines..

      I too have come across a lot of people who lie a lot! I have had really bad experiences with close friends lying to me, which I found out really late! I was shattered. I do not believe people easily anymore. But.. I do have my reasons of why I wanna believe SL. Due to those, I give her the benefit of doubt.

  2. Titaxy says:

    my heart goes out to her. i teared up reading this 😦

    1. Arch says:

      I know how you must be feeling.. I was speechless when I first heard this. 😦

  3. Ramya says:

    Cant believe one can undergo so much trauma right from childhood and still put up a smiling face and be cheerful and you mentioned, talks a lot, eh..Waiting for the rest of the posts in this series.

    1. Arch says:

      hmm.. interesting she is.. Isn’t it.. 🙂

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