SL Series IV (The studies)

I have a thing for well educated people. I admire the fact that they put in so much effort. Having worked at the premier science institute of India, IISc, I was lucky to have been in the company of such highly educated, yet down-to-earth people! So I am always in awe of such people.

When conversing, I found out that SL has an MA in Psychology. Not just an MA, but she’s a gold medalist. I was dumbstruck and I went on to ask – “You have an MA in Psychology, but you worked as a Journalist and now you are a Technical Writer? I don’t see the connection!! o_O”. That’s when I got to know, that she is a BA graduate, with an MA in Psychology (gold medal) and an MA in Journalism. 😮

She has the highest respect for studies and education. Says that’s the only thing that has made her what she is today. After all that she has faced, her education and confidence is what gives her the strength and the belief that she can survive, no matter what.

The education story is not simple. Though she had got a good ranking in the entrance exam, the MA seat in Bangalore University wasn’t coming easily. They demanded a donation of 30K (a hefty amount back then), which her dad flatly refused to pay. By then she was in a small job, which paid her 300 Rs only (a major portion of which was duly handed over at home). A colleague there referred a friend from Mysore University and helped her with the money. She then went to Mysore and finished her MA in Psychology.

Her MA in Journalism was done later. This she did in Bangalore and those were times when the clashes were too much in her house. Her step-mother didn’t like the fact that she was studying so much and created a row every now and then. Her husband, who was her friend back then, supported her a lot and sat for hours together with her in the park in the evenings, where she used to study.

She had tears in her eyes when she narrated these incidents. She so fondly remembered the colleague who lent her the money that day and says she is still so grateful to him. Said, it is this education which gives the shelter over her head. She says all that she wishes for her kid is that she grows to be an independent, well-educated lady.

I had times in my childhood when my parents’ fight affected me so much that I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. I thought that was a really big deal. But when I heard of her story, I felt so small and selfish, like how I just used the situation in my house as a convenient reason for not doing well. 😦 I think we are all capable of far better things than what we limit ourselves to.


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  1. Titaxy says:

    WOW! I crib everyday about little things, but reading this is giving me perspective. No one should have to go through so much pain, but I am glad to know that she’s got where she is today. I admire her strength immensely.

    1. Arch says:

      Yeah totally amazing it is, to see how see takes everything as a positive stride!

  2. greenboochi says:

    I am speechless reading about your friend. I am so so glad, she is in a better place today (I guess it should be better than her parents place). Time and again, it gets proved nothing is important than education. I am admiring her for being so strong and completing all her studies inspite of everything happening around her.

    1. Arch says:

      I know.. that’s how I felt too, when I learnt these things about her.

  3. Mi says:

    oh my god..that’s some struggle.. I feel bad for her. I always had a very good luck in terms of getting education, my mother paid fees and nevermade me feel the trouble she went through… as compared to what SL went, really, I feel so blessed, and despite all that if her spirits are still high, then salute to that spirit! i complain all the time 😦 shame!

    1. Arch says:

      I think we all do that.. Taking for granted, the things we get. We start thinking that we deserve it.

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