SL Series V (The Home)


We all know the struggle involved in the current times in buying or constructing a house. While everyone wants one and keeps eternally planning on what’s best, SL went ahead and took the risk of buying a home at the age of 25.

Now in a very well developed area in Bangalore, which wasn’t that developed back then, she owns a two storied house. A good ten years back when she was in mediocre job, she decided to take the risk of buying a house. By now, from the posts you read so far, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that she got no support from her father.

The house owners, an elderly couple, were surprised at seeing a young girl interested in buying the home. After general inquiries about her job and how she plans to pay for the house, they told SL to get some elders of the family, so that they are assured that she is genuinely interested in buying the house. Now, that was the most difficult thing for SL to get, support from her family!

Since her father had refused, she went to her to-be in-laws and spoke of her intentions of buying the house. The FIL was dead against it. Well he anyway didn’t want his son to get married to her either. When nothing was working out, she approached her to-be MIL separately and spoke to her, asked her to support her, requested her to come and talk to the owners of the. Her MIL, a supportive lady, went to the owner and assured them that SL was a very brave gal and she would definitely pay for the house and also take good care of it. Convinced about it, the owners agreed for the sale.

The MIL also went ahead and spoke to a few relatives to help out SL with the initial down payment amount, which they did. SL later applied for a loan, which she is still repaying more than ten years later. This house is her shelter and also an asset for her future. After all the ups and downs that she has seen, this house somehow gives her a sense of security.

She always says, “if you don’t take risks in life, you won’t attain anything“. This post was to portray her determination and her will power to attain her goals. She doesn’t give up easily and is a good example for someone with the Never-Say-Die attitude.


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  1. Mi says:

    buying a house is a very big decision. My mother was as old too, when she bought her first house. I think, some people are very brave. And this was very inspiring. She had no support, and despite that such a big decision shows her immense belief in herself and her strength!

    1. Arch says:

      Wow! Kudos to your mom on the brave decision she took at that age. We let our fears take over us so much that we don’t take risks. 😦

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