SL Series – The Conclusion


I am gonna close the SL series with this post. She is an inspiration to me. I wanted to record these things so that I stay inspired and maybe can inspire a few more who read these posts.

When talking to SL, I used to feel that she had some new story to narrate everyday. Sometimes it was really hard for me to believe her stories. I have been through incidents in the past where my best friends had lied to me in situations where it wouldn’t have even mattered to me. I was hurt, having found out the truth, the way I did. So, not believing someone in the first instance, sort of comes naturally to me.

With SL, one day it would be about the fight with the neighbor, who is asking them to cut down a coconut tree which has apparently grown in an inclined manner, stretching into their premises. Another day it was about a huge African Tulip tree, which was overgrown and was causing issues with the water pipe connection and she needed to take it up with BBMP. The third day it was about the plans of extending their house and undertaking the construction. She was describing her sadness of having to cut down all the palm trees and betel leaves creepers and other plants in her courtyard.

She used to always talk about her daughter who spoke way beyond her age, having grown up too soon, being a witness to all the fights. Sometimes the statements she said her child made were unbelievable! Apart from this she used to talk about her times from her MA studies and the literature books she read. Her fat William Shakespeare book which she said she would keep for the Saraswati Pooja during Dussera.

She stays very close to my house. I used drop her on the way back from office. She used to tell me that her in-laws are planning to move out soon and she can invite me home only after they leave. Her FIL spoke very rudely in front of her friends on their rare visit, which is why she stopped inviting people over.  I somehow kept trying to put unseen pieces of a puzzle together to derive a conclusion that she was making up stories and that she might again be one of those people who loves talking and will cook up stories for the same.

Well… All my questions got answered. Her in-laws left and she invited me to her house the very next time I dropped her. I saw her house, the huge African Tulips tree outside, the inclined coconut tree, her garden in the courtyard. She invited me to her house during Dussera too. When I went over, I did see her books, the Shakespeare one and the others, kept for the pooja. Not just that, I saw photographs and met her daughter too. Everything was just as she had described.

Her husband being a bank manager is currently helping me out with certain work related to my dad. Through this I got a chance to meet her husband too. All these things and interactions with her family really make me believe her and what she has told about her life.

I also know that currently her shoulders are burdened with the responsibility of the house extension. She is already repaying a loan and was against taking any more. But the pressure on her is high and she is currently looking at taking up another loan for this work. She is 36 something and it feels scary to even think of being in her place, struggling with all the work, family issues and financial load. Yet when I tell her, “Don’t take tension”, she grins back and says, “I cannot afford to take tension, if I do, I will end up in a mental hospital. So it’s best to keep laughing and forget about stuff.”

Kudos to SL. She is really of a rare kind. The kind who inspires the rest. 🙂

P.S: Remember that I mentioned in my first post about her having a belly, which makes her look a few months pregnant? That’s because of a fibroid growth on her uterus. Not in, but on the uterus. Again a rare kind. It was miracle that she conceived and successfully delivered a baby. The doctors literally threatened her when she spoke of plans of a second kid. It can be extremely dangerous. Though the doctors have suggested her to go for the uterus removal, she doesn’t wanna go for it and face the after effects at this age as she has lot of responsibilities and stuff to attend to! Sigh!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Titaxy says:

    more power to her. i am also truly inspired by her. thanks for sharing her stories here. it was really something i needed to read.

  2. Ria says:

    My god..when you read stories about people like her, it actually gives you so much strength and so much positivity !
    May god bless her 🙂

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