Crap Customer Service!


Whatever happened to good customer service? It seems like a long time ago when people at the store would greet you with a smile. Owing to fact that there used to be a selective few regular stores we visited, people even recognized us. Now there are streets full of stores, all lined up next to each other, selling the same stuff! Hence people are spoilt by the choice they get. I know a lot of my friends who walk into every store in the mall to check out what they have and not buy anything. Sometimes they come back to the first store and buy the dress they saw first!

Even after facing such people throughout the day, I observe that the mall staff is much more courteous and helpful. There are probably stricter rules for them to follow. But coming to a local store, or a local branded store, the staff is SO NOT courteous. Also a lot of them I feel are very judgmental.

Bg and I, never go out specifically for shopping. Whenever we go out, if there’s something new, interesting or essential, we just drop into a store to pick it up. Hence, a lot of times we are dressed in our casual wear or office wear, basically simple, not very posh looking, clothes that we are comfortable in. But I see that the response we receive at many stores is so unpleasant. I don’t believe and will never agree, that I have to dress up like a doll to go shopping!

Another thing that the shop staff assume is that customers have a lot of money and can buy stuff no matter what it’s priced at. Even worse, is they categorize the price range a customer can afford by looking at the person or how they are dressed. For instance, a couple of days back, Bg and I walked into a store to check out and buy anklets for myself. The lady, showed a few pairs and I picked up one in my hand to check it out. Even before I could say anything, she says “That’s 1800”. I was a little irritated and told Bg, “probably we don’t look like people who will buy something priced that much”. I said it aloud enough, so she could hear.

But, just a few minutes later, when I inquired with her about a certain design, she immediately retorted saying “that’s imported”. This time I blasted her saying “I did not ask you if it was local or imported, I just asked so I could take a look at the design.” 😡 The other staff personnel realized I was angry and sent for another lady to talk to us. She was pleasant and helpful. I did buy a pair worth 2000 and Bg was also ready to get me another pair just because I liked it. The experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I would think twice before visiting that store, next time. I would check out others maybe!

This is not the sole instance, I have been at the receiving end of many such rude people at various stores. At big brand showrooms, at jewelry stores etc. What the people at the store need to realize is that, for us too it’s hard-earned money and we are right in thinking twice before investing it. We just cannot go around buying things at our whim and fancy. Also as shop staff it is your job to help and treat the customer well! There are many times we leave a better tip or buy an item because the staff was so courteous and convincing.

I do not know who is line next awaiting to face my wrath due to such behavior! 😀

P.S: And.. Here in our IT services industry, they say customer is God! Sab rules apan ke liye hi?? 😡


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  1. Mi says:

    Arch… Girl.. Tell me the name of the shop.. I love dealing with these people who act too smart.. Its one way of getting into a fight with a stranger and easing off my baggage.. 😀 I like doing it..and I do it only if someone has acted smart.. 😀 so ill seek revenge.. 😀 😀

    But yeah, you are right.. Many salesguys are very rude and unkind and some are so overtly sticky that I hate being shown things around… Both the kinds are irritating.. That’s why I go to Marathalli road side or commercial street for jewelry shopping.. 😛

    1. Arch says:

      Haha! 😀 It was a store in Malleshwaram, “Mata Payals”. Tell me when you get them!! 😀 😀

  2. Titaxy says:

    i have had a few of such encounters as well. sucks, really, when they treat customers like crap. hugs, arch.

    1. Arch says:

      It sure sucks!! Thanks for the hugs T! 🙂 🙂

  3. greenboochi says:

    Oh I have been on the receiving end of these kinds of treatment too. Judging a person based on how he/she is dressed or looks, is so very irritating. At times, I ask the price myself to see if it fits in my range. But I dont want the SA to tell me its overpriced for me. Its too much.

    1. Arch says:

      Yeah.. I too will eventually ask the price of the item if I am interested in it. But this butting in and telling me the price to make me feel that I can’t afford it, SO not acceptable!

  4. Monkey Mind says:

    Sigh! We are all in the same club I suppose. It has happened countless times to me and I even wrote a grumbling post on the blog sometime back arch. I wonder why they think we need to buy everything shown to us and also doll up just because we are coming to shop.

    Last time I went to a famous optical shop in Chennai to get a spare specs and was looking for decent options when the SA kept quoting the price of every single frame I was about to pick and try. Later, my wallet fell down and my card from UAE dropped. The moment she laid her eyes on the word UAE, she started showing me all their luxury brand spectacles. It was disgusting. I walked out of their store.

    1. Arch says:

      Sheesh! How pathetic!

      I wonder why.. But everyone downright from the big store staff to market side vegetable vendors assume that people have loads of money stuffed down their pocket and can buy anything, no matter how it’s priced.

      I have seen so many vegetable vendors grumble when a customer enquires the price and walks away without buying. They grumble saying “they don’t buy anything and go around only asking for the price”.

      All this is bad! Very very bad!

  5. Ramya says:

    Arch, even door-men/watch-men who man the doors to the shop give sarcastic looks if you are dressed in casuals..I faced this while I visited a branded watch store in regular casual clothes recently..Phew! May be, they get the same “being judgmental” training as the sales people

    1. Arch says:

      Thankfully I haven’t faced that yet! But it seems no wonder to me. If a staff does it, then no surprise in a watchman doing it too. Like I told in my comment, even vegetable vendors act rude! :-/

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