Coffee Love

If you are a South Indian, you sure would know what an important role coffee occupies in every house. Just like it’s “ Ek cup chai hojaye? ” in the North of India, it’s “ Coffee kudithira*? ” here. We just need an excuse for it.

My love for coffee goes back a long way. My favorite thing about the weekend used to be the fact that Mom would be at home and I would get to pester her to make coffee multiple times. 🙂 Every few hours, I would do the “Ammaaaa… ” and she would know. She would scold me saying “ It’s almost lunch time ” or “ You just had a cup sometime back! ”. I would either get grumpy or I would be all surprised and ask when did I have it? Either way, mom would relent and I would have another cup.

When I say coffee, I mean the traditional South Indian filter coffee. When I joined work, I made a lot of friends from the North, I was surprised that many of them didn’t know how a filter looked or how it was used! But then it isn’t popular there. What you see in the pic is the traditional coffee filter. Of course now you get a wide variety of sophisticated coffee makers, which essentially do the same job!

Coffee Filter
Coffee Filter

The decoction that you get from the filter is mixed with hot milk and sugar and then it’s.. pure bliss… 🙂

The favorite hangout place for us friends also used to be the Cafe Coffee Day outlet in our area. For me it was always something from their hot coffee. I don’t really enjoy cold coffee that much. The pic shows a cup of Cappuccino that was served to me once, at CCD. Apt, isn’t it? 🙂 But over time, somehow I started having problems with these Cappuccinos, Lattes and even the vending machine coffee. I used to have an uneasy feeling in the tummy after drinking it. So I gave it up altogether! It was filter coffee or nothing!

Cappuccino at CCD
Cappuccino at CCD

Strangely, for the two years I was in Chennai, I never had coffee, it used to be only tea! Coffee se Chai! Madras filter coffee is very famous and yet when I was there I had grown a liking for tea. This was mainly because the office vendor served horrible coffee and my roommates never used to have tea/coffee. So the elaborate procedure of making decoction just for myself seemed tiring. :-/

But since the time I am back in Bangalore, it’s been back to coffee and a few cups of tea thrown in. 🙂 Every year I make a resolution to reduce the amount of tea/coffee I consume, but I end up breaking it. 😦 At the end of the day, consuming too much coffee or tea is not good, and I know it. Yet…. 😛

* “ Will you have some coffee? ” in Kannada.
** Coffee Filter pic, courtesy Google Images


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  1. Tatsat says:

    Never seen a filter setup like that 😀 But then that is not surprising 😦
    This post is apt, in the sense, I am doing quite a few things on hot beverage front. I don’t go to CCD ( on my own ) because of my Marxist leanings, but I heard that the coffee there is not that good either. Is it? I mean a machine makes it right? So after a while, there is no personal touch in there. Big turn off for me…

    Of late, I am having coffee and green tea ( made that switch some time back ) with honey two times a day each ( 2+2 ). You can try that as well 🙂

    Back at home, my mother never had tea and didn’t like coffee either under normal circumstances. Father had tea, but since that was for the grown ups, we never had tea as kids. When we finally did grow up, we were already out of home. Even now, I don’t have tea- as a mark of respect for father- when at home. Weird, right? Almost like not taking calls in private 😛

    1. Arch says:

      That filter looks complicated but works on just a simple logic. 🙂

      Yeah.. the CCD coffee tastes a lot like the vending machine coffee, but then you get a wide variety of options, with cream and chocolate syrup and ice-cream and so much more! So it’s nice once in a way, but not as the regular cup of coffee.

      Yeah green tea is something I had regularly when I was in Chennai. Surprising because I don’t like stuff which taste bitter. I need to get back to drinking it. But I don’t like honey. 😦 So I use sugar and that sort of nullifies the whole objective??

      That’s so sweet.. Not having tea as a mark of respect for your dad. 🙂 Definitely not weird.

      1. Tatsat says:

        Arre baba… Honey is as fattening as sugar ( if some popular websites are to be taken seriously ), but it has some additional benefits. Antioxidants and other things which can help with weight loss if taken in moderation. So… you can try that once in a while 🙂

        Green tea is really good. If you take that tulsi one which they have, truly amazing! I can have that even without sugar or honey- aroma is overwhelming 🙂

        1. Arch says:

          oh! I was not aware of those facts on honey.

          I will check out the other flavor green teas. Thanks 🙂 🙂

        1. Arch says:

          great.. will do. 🙂

  2. Visha says:

    I do not like the taste and smell of coffee, but that does not stop me from feeling happy conveyed through your coffee love 😀

    My MIL’s sister is an ardent coffee lover. I have seen the devotion in her eyes as she makes it and haves it, so quite understand your love for filer coffee 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      You don’t like the smell of coffee 😮 😮

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