I have a keen eye for well-kept lawns and garden with huge fruit bearing trees and flower-bearing plants. Until I was 2.5 years old, we stayed in the IIMB quarters. Though I was really small, I still distinctly remember so many things. The huge area in front of every house. It used to be filled with trees and plants of all varieties.

My Dad was very fond of gardening and I would see him spend a lot of time in the garden, watering and tending to the trees. It may seem hard to believe, but we so many fruit bearing trees – jackfruit, mangoes, banana, pomegranate, chickoo, lemon. We also had, rose and hibiscus plants in a wide variety of colors. We even had cotton plants! πŸ˜€ My favorites were the jackfruit and lemon tree. Jackfruit because I love the fruit and lemon because it was a huge tree, providing so much shade and so many lemons (it had equally good number of thorns too.)

I remember my Dad, meticulously standing in the garden, holding the hose pipe for hours, in order to water all the plants completely. The fragrance of wet mud would be there everyday, all year round. πŸ™‚

There was a huge mango tree in our neighbor’s house. I had a friend there, Nithya, just as old me and we were big time playmates. I loved going over to their house. My mom tells me I used to run to their house in the morning, the moment our house door was opened for the milkman. πŸ™‚ She had a huge collection of toys and games and we played all the time. The never finishing big jigsaw puzzle, which I remember had a huge sun in it and the bamboo swing which hung from their mango tree. Her dad, who adored me as much as he adored his daughter would swing us on it, sometimes together and sometimes turn by turn. πŸ™‚

I always wanted to stay at a place where there would be place for us to have a huge garden. Sadly this seems far from possible. Firstly the land prices are so high that having such a huge plot is beyond scope and with job+commute taking 12 to 13 hours the day, added with household work, making time for anything is extremely difficult. Plants need to be tended for carefully. The plan is to at least have a terrace garden in the new home. I sincerely hope to take that up, when we move there. πŸ™‚

Do you have a garden? If yes, how do you make time to take care of it?


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  1. Visha says:

    My in-laws love gardening. They take care of the plants so meticulously, pulling out weeds and spraying insecticides. We get good seasonal harvest too πŸ˜€ Tomatoes, ridge gourds and bitter gourds mainly. But no luck in the flower department. Maybe the soil is only veggie friendly πŸ˜†

    1. Arch says:

      oh wow! I love doing all that too.. But no space and no time. 😦

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