Lonely thoughts

I think it’s okay to feel bad and detest everything at some point in time. I feel lonely and feel that no one is around. Yeah maybe everyone is lonely in a certain way or the other. I try to be there for people when they need me, is it wrong to expect the same from them?

People who I consider my best friends may no more feel the same for me. But that’s okay too…

I should learn to fight my own battles, all alone too… If I am lonely, I should accept that and make that my strength. I should make that my way of life. I should stop seeking company, reassurances and acknowledgements all the time!

I should seek happiness in myself. I should give company to myself. I should do things for myself, which will make me happy. I need to learn more stuff in the coming days. Use every single day to learn something new.

I need to write more as it relieves the burden off me. I should start ignoring certain people, who affect me and bring out the negative person in me. I should not brood over certain things that people say and just let it go… I should take things as they come, do what I can.

There are always positive signs even amidst the darkest times. I need to look for them and keep moving forward.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Deboshree says:

    This reminds me of something Dumbledore once said. Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only we remember to turn on the light. 🙂
    Take care. And yes, keep writing!

    1. Arch says:

      Hey Debo! Welcome here! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing those lovely words!

  2. Pepper says:

    You’re already half way there since you seem to know what you should be doing anyway. Keep going! 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      Thanks Pepper for the encouragement! 🙂

  3. B. M. says:

    and people who look at those positive sings always do wonders .. so here’s wishing you all the best always …

    1. Arch says:

      Thank you so much B.M 🙂
      and.. welcome here!

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