Never Give Up?

Is the never give up attitude really something so great? Should it be meticulously cultivated? Since childhood we are taught not to give up and to keep trying. There are enough and more quotes which tell us the same – “Try and try till you succeed”, “Stop not till you reach your goal” and such.

Is it so bad to give up something? No, I am sure you need to give things a good try before you decide whether or not you want to pursue it. But then again if it is something that you are not really enjoying, if it is something that is causing you immense distress, if it something you are doing just to please the others and you are unhappy doing it, then maybe we should just give up on it.

Giving up doesn’t necessarily mean ending of something, it may also be the beginning of something wonderfully new. It may bring you peace and happiness. There are a lot of great people who gave up variety of stuff and attained great things in life. Buddha gave up all the worldly pleasures and attained enlightenment. Gandhi gave up the way of life he followed and took up marches, satyagraha and non-violent ways of life and was a major contributor is making a difference in the pre-independence days. Sachin gave up his schooling and gave his life to cricket and has become a legendary player.

Not just these, but there are many examples for people who gave up the usual ways and means of life and made a difference – either to the world or in their own lives. So may be we can modify the quote and say “Never give up, once you find your passion“. Until then, may be… keep exploring!


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  1. Deboshree says:

    I like the little revision you have made to the adage. Indeed, it is sometimes fruitful to give up. A strained relationship, a pursuit we have lost faith in, for instance. But yes, one should strive to not give up on one’s passion. That is a pursuit one needs to be, err, passionate about! 🙂

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