… now seem like such common flowers, don’t they? I mean we see them used for decoration in every other wedding reception, party. Weren’t they like rare flowers and very expensive? But I guess those days gone, in many ways. Now we get everything all year round, be it specific flowers or fruits, with all hybrid mechanisms of cultivation.

I remember, the first time I heard about orchids was when I was in school. My Biology teacher was explaining about the plant. Orchids are originally meant to be epiphytes, i.e a non-parasitical plant which grows on another plant/tree. Orchids grew in forests on other trees. Of course, now you get orchid potted plants too!!

When my teacher explained this, I remember I was fascinated. She also mentioned a Kannada movie, in which this flower is shown. She said it was a children’s movie and we all should watch it, if we get a chance. The name of the movie is Bettada Hoovu.

The most amazing coincidence, which I have never been able to forget till date, was that, on that day when I went home, this same movie was coming on television. I still wonder about the remarkable coincidence of that day! Well… I watched the movie for the first time that day and have watched it many a times after that.

It is a beautiful movie! The current super star of the Kannada industry, Puneeth Rajkumar, has acted as a child artist. It is about him, a small boy, extremely fond of reading, who is saving up pennies to be able to buy the book Ramayan. A foreign lady who has come visiting his village, is fond of collecting a variety of flowering plants. She draws and paints those flowers on canvas. She pays the boy small amounts for getting her a flowering plant everyday.

One day she shows him the picture of an orchid flower and tells him that it is a very rare flower and if he is able to get it for her from the forest, she will pay him 5 Rupees. 🙂 That’s when the boy goes in search for it in the forest, despite being scared of prowling tigers. He is able to successfully get her the plant too.

A very beautiful movie! You should definitely watch it, if you get a chance!


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  1. Deboshree says:

    Sometimes, life’s coincidences are too good to be true. 🙂
    The movie does indeed sounds interesting. Thanks for telling us about it.

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