Unfinished stuff


Okay… I must make an honest confession, that this is sort of a cheat post! All day long I was caught up with work and no time to even think about what I would post for the alphabet ‘U’. To top it, I had to go to attend a function, once I was back home. Also.. having come this far.. successfully posting for all the alphabets, I didn’t want to give up the challenge and I am running out of time for today’s post…

So you have to bear with my impromptu cheat post, which is about the tasks that are lying unfinished with me for quite some time now. 😛

This is a sweater that I started knitting for my friend’s daughter, who turned 4. With a lot of planning, which I started ages ago, I cast on for a lovely sweater. After some progress and mistakes and ripping out and re-knitting, I finally got struck here. Since some thing came up and I couldn’t attend the birthday party either, this knitting project has been sitting unfinished for quite some time now!

Baby Sweater
Kiddo Sweater

This stitch kit has been lying unfinished for more than a year now. I love the beautiful pieces that get created eventually, but it does require a lot of patience to sit through and complete. One such big stitch kit that I had finished long ago, which now hangs framed in my house, saw three full years before it got completed. 😛 I worked on it on and off and left it to hibernate in between. Well… I did finish it and what a beauty it turned out into! So.. there, is still hope for this unfinished one below!

Anchor Stitch Kit
Anchor Stitch Kit

Finally.. This one book below, which I have been trying to read for the past two weeks. My friend highly recommended ( to be read as ‘literally forced’ ) it, in fact gave me his own copy of the book to read. It is definitely a good book. It is based on The Mahabharata, something that I have been extremely interested in lately. I started off pretty well, read quite a bit, but I started feeling nauseous when reading on the bus and hence I stopped. Now I am just unable to make up my mind to pick it up and continue again! :-/

Unfinished Book
Unfinished Book

So there you go! Now you must know that I have a wide variety of interests, but a short span of focus. That’s how I have always been, wanting to try my hand at everything, but lose the zeal a little too soon. 😛


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