I feel this is probably one of the widely celebrated festivals, irrespective of religion. Maybe holi is another such festival. I love the spirit associated with X-Mas!  It seems like such a happy festival! Everything decorated in red and green and so much merriment associated with it.

When in school, it was one of the most fun times! With the week long holiday for Christmas and New Year, we would celebrate Christmas at school, much before the eve. All kids would get together, pool money and fund the celebration. We used to buy the decorations and decorate the entire classroom. We would spend hours in doing that. We would buy a big cake and some chips. We made our class teacher cut the cake and distribute it among the students. It was super fun!

Another thing we looked forward to was, playing Secret Santa, where everyone gets to pick a chit with another person’s name on it. We would then send secret messages to them and they would attempt to guess who their secret Santa is. At the end of it, on Christmas eve, we would exchange gifts. It was so funny, when we got someone’s name, which we didn’t want, we would go around persuading other friends to exchange it and by the end more than half the people knew who had got whose name! 😀

Though secret Santa is played by teams even in companies, somehow that magic which was there in the childhood is lost. Now it’s more about who gave what as a gift. As kids we were happy to get anything! I remember, the usual gifts were pencil and erasers, chocolates etc. 🙂

Somehow X-Mas has always fascinated me. The whole idea of there being a Santa Claus is amazing and I wish to believe there is someone, who drops down the chimney and gives children presents. There is an English movie, The Polar Express. I think it’s a must watch! It’s about a boy who doubts everything. He gets on a train headed to the North Pole. The story of his disbelief for everything, including Santa. It is a beautiful movie on Belief!

Growing up I read a lot of Enid Blyton books and I used to be lost in it, imagining and almost celebrating X-Mas with the characters of the books. Be it the O’ Sullivan twins and their friends who share the dormitories or the Five find-outers who celebrate everything together, it was an amazing feeling to become one with the characters. Same goes with the Harry Potter series. I loved to read about the owls flying into the hall carrying gifts from families and dropping it to the receivers, Ron’s mum sending a jumper every year. Beautiful!

All in all, I think it’s a delightful time of the year and everyone should have fun and make merry. Eat lots of cake and smile more! Hohoho! 🙂


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  1. Deboshree says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful post.
    Christmas is one of my favourite festivals. growing up, Mom and I would spend hours decorating the house with seasonal goodies. Last year, we had a huge tree in the living room. I completely agree with celebrating the festival with Enid Blyton. And at Hogwarts. The huge Christmas trees they had, the special feast, the decorations and yes, the owl-delivered gifts – ah, the delight.
    All this talk of Christmas in April makes me nostalgic.

    1. Arch says:

      Yay 🙂 I am so happy you liked my post and it brought back warm memories! Amazing how we can time travel and feel the same emotion what we felt years ago, no? 🙂

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