Mixed Bag – IV


* I think the best kind of writing is when we simply write what’s on our minds. Not bothering about anything else in the world. I have now started thinking of stuff like, writing a book (maybe!). I know it may just a passing thought and something impossible to do for me. But who cares? What’s wrong in imagining it’s true? Every idea is first a seed of thought, sown deep in our mind, isn’t it?

* With so many people at home, sometimes it gets so difficult to co-ordinate and do something which is satisfactory to all. Bg has been working like crazy for the past one year, trying to co-ordinate with all the different guys – masons, laborers, granite layers, electrician, plumber, tile layer and so many more. He has been out standing in the sun and running about like a headless chicken in trying to supply the necessary stuff and monitoring the guys. Making innumerable trips to the site and elsewhere for water supply, cement unloading, and other material unloading and God knows what all! I feel, every single person in the house takes advantage of the fact that he works from home, 4 days a week. With them it’s almost like “oh! Bg will be there at home anyway.” kinda attitude.

And.. I blame my husband totally for this attitude of theirs! It is he who is available at every beck and call. He is the one, who will get up in the midst of work to go drop off someone, pick-up someone, to bring groceries, to go to the site suddenly if there’s a need, go to every temple, be available to drive his parents to every place out of station. The ONLY person, he takes an easy-go, she will adjust attitude, is with me! (Well.. his whole reasoning is that I am his wife and I will understand, unlike the others.) He ends up doing most stuff, despite having an elder brother, who can (and should!) share the responsibilities ( who takes the escape route as soon as one is available ). I can’t speak too much in this matter, as I don’t wanna become the person who comes between them ( the bahu, who broke the house ).

When it comes to important decision taking stuff, Bg’s suggestions aren’t taken equally. At such times, the others have their say! Every time they are ready with a long set of comments about what’s wrong in what has been done, rather than sharing the responsibilities. Now the house-warming function dates have been set for this month end and cards have been printed, despite Bg’s warnings that the work wouldn’t be complete. Now that the completion is staggering with people not turning up, my darling husband is upset. After coming to this stage, now he says, he won’t bother about what will happen. Why, couldn’t he employ this attitude much before? At-least it would have driven the others to take up more responsibilities. I know, in the end, they will end up making him a scape goat and he will still end up being one, happily! I am so irritated! 😡

* I am a bundle of contradictions. When I am loaded with work, I don’t think about stuff. But the moment I am free, I start thinking, if this is the right career for me? I want to do something that will make me happy, something that wouldn’t take up all my time. Yet I want to earn enough to make a saving for the future too. Some times I want to do certifications and look up and what I should be doing in this field and some times I just don’t wanna be here, where everything ages quickly. You have to constantly keep upgrading your skills, if you want to make any progress. But then again,  I am not sure, if this is the field, I want to be in, 10 years down the line. Sheesh! I am a mess! :-/

*My sister had called me today and said she was feeling low. All along till now, in her ten years of career, she had good friends at office. In fact her friends and she moved to the same companies when they switched too. Now since they have been put apart in different projects, in different locations, she is feeling all alone. She said she doesn’t feel like going to office, she has no good company, people there are hostile and she feels like she doesn’t belong. There are just a group of people who go along for lunch and tea, no friends. What do I tell her, when I have been going through this for more than a year now? I had no company for lunches too, till recently. I now feel like I am not even capable of making friends, some one like the buddies from college or school? I just told her, it may get better with time. Have hope. 😐

* S, a friend from our knitters group in Ravelry is probably one of the best people I have met in my life. The kind of enthusiasm she has at her age (58) is amazing. Even at this age she and a similar few from the group, enjoy working and are saddened by the thought of retirement. On the other hand at this age, I am so unsure about work, wanting to work etc. Despite having a full-time job, she manages to knit (in fact churn out new hand-made things, every few days!), keeping a beautiful house, gardening, reading books, meeting people and staying in touch with friends! All of it! To me she comes across as a super-woman! But I love her most, for the warm person she is. In fact the warmest stranger (the first time), I met in my life. There is love, warmth and concern in every conversation of hers, with every one! Every single person who meets her has the same opinion! I am plain lucky to have met her. One of my role models, she is! Why I mention her suddenly? I met her this Sunday, at our group gathering and it felt great! 🙂

A long post full of randomness and light heart at the end! 🙂


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  1. Bikramjit says:

    No dont blame .. He is a good man.. and good men do that always.

    alone at office, well now when i think back , I think i was lucky because I came to uk and all my friends were back home .. so dont really have that good friends here in uk, I am almost alone , so it have stopped bothering me now .. maybe I have become a Sad old ALONE man ..

    Ha ha That is exactly me . I loveto remain busy , so no time to think, just do what needs doing , I have been free a bit in the last few weeks which make me think am I in the Right field.. though I also feel that I better stick here because what will i do otherwise I am good at nothing .. what so ever.. I will be a complete failure if i try doing something else … 😦

    1. Arch says:

      Of course he is a good man! Why do you think I married him? 😉 What I get upset about is that people take advantage of this goodness!

      Never mind Bikram, we are all there for each other in this blogging world, aren’t we? Don’t feel bad..

      Do keep trying different things, which you like doing, you may suddenly discover something new, that you can pursue. I am on a constant look out too..

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. greenboochi says:

    To me BG seems like a very very good person. And I can easily imagine how hard it must be for you to see all of your family using him to their needs. I dont think its correct. Even the most patient person is bound to angry some day. And when BG realizes this, he will be upset and heart broken. Sometimes I wonder the same about S too. Whenever I try to voice that out, I feel so bad myself that I have stopped doing it now.

    You should totally write a book Arch! I would be the first one in queue to buy it 😀

    Your knitting friend seems to be a very warm person, I am glad you met her 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      He is a good person GB.. But people misuse that. That’s what I feel bad about! 😦 Like you, I have to stop voicing out things too..

      Hehe. 😀 Thanks GB! Love ya! 🙂

      She sure is. 🙂

  3. Lavender says:

    I too blame Lemon for the same reason at times.
    Hugs to you and your sister. I don’t have friends here in office as well.. just few of us go for a walk / tea break every now and then.. I know what you are talking about Arch.. Friends from school and college are always special na?
    S definitely seems like a role model. Glad you met her 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      Why are husbands like this?! :-/
      Hugs Lavender, we seem to be sailing in the same boat! School and college friends are definitely special! 🙂

      Yes.. S is a great person! 🙂

  4. Mi says:

    About that book writing thing….stay at it, love… .you’ll get there!! don’t give up on that idea!! 🙂

    random post…but nice to know what you have been upto! 🙂 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      ❤ ❤

      good to see you back… been busy?

      1. Mi says:

        not busy… just lost! :/ :/

        1. Arch says:

          Hmmm… happens! I hope you come around soon.

  5. Your husband seems to be more like my dad. My dad also likes to take all the responsibilities and that stresses him out like anything. I think as we get older, it is difficult to make friends. I am in the same boat when it comes to making friends at work.

    1. Arch says:

      Yeah.. I feel so too, maybe it is something to do with growing older..

      Thanks for reading AK! 🙂

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