Don’t wanna call this yet another comeback!

Yup, I am right here, very much alive! What have I been upto? Nothing! Not literally. But you know.. generally.. how we just get caught up doing the same mundane stuff and feel like we aren’t doing anything?

Let me list the highs and the lows of the past few days months.

The highs –

1. I started cooking, officially, in our own kitchen. Though not full-fledged on most days, but yeah a beginning. I made Kobbari Mithai ( Coconut Burfi ) just after Dasara and planning to try out another sweet dish for the anniversary. 🙂 I did cook when I was in Chennai, but it feels good to cook for your husband. 🙂

2. My office shifted to a place which is half the distance of my old office. Though it is a temporary arrangement, for about 3-4 months, I am happy. It saves nearly two hours of my daily travel time. How I wish it was a permanent arrangement!

3. We found a maid! From the time we shifted to the new home, I was having a hard time. My MIL was cooking for all of us downstairs and I used to go down to help her, wash vessels there, clean stuff there and then clean our house and go to work too. I used to get damn tired. Then we got a maid, who has been coming since a month and has given me some relief!

4. We made up the house a bit more. All the polishing work which was pending got done and somehow that gives a much more complete feel to the house.

5. My last uncle has bought a flat very close to our house. On the day of its house-warming, all my relatives who came there, visited our house and it felt great to have everybody at home. My eldest uncle and his family even stayed over the night here. 🙂

The lows –

1. I was down with recurring fever for about a week. Just when I was get a little scared of what it could be, the blood test reports confirmed that it was just a viral fever. But it left me exhausted for a week!

2. The problems never seem to end. they just keep coming one after the other. My eldest uncle convinced the other uncles against the selling of the house, about which I wrote here. So one of them decided to move to the ground floor of the same house and lease out their current home to fix their financial crisis. But they wanted us to vacate one of the rooms upstairs for them. Now we didn’t have a problem to vacate it. But they wanted it done within that same week! Mom could obviously not do it on her own. On week days it just wasn’t possible for us and that weekend, I was down with viral fever and sis was down with a bad cold. But the entire weekend was spent doing just cleaning, dusting and moving about all the stuff! They had no courtesy to say that they could wait a while.

If it’s not this then there will be something else always happening there. With mom and grandma being alone, I just can’t stop worrying. Like the boiler went kaput one fine cold morning, they didn’t know whom to call. I happened to visit on the way to office and then called my uncle to get an electrician when coming. If dad was there, no one needed to worry. 😦 Then my grandma twisted her leg when climbing the stairs and is in pain since two days. 😦 They aren’t even moving closer to us and stay nearly 30 km from our house! What can I do?

3. It surprises me that people can be so shrewd and crooked in their ways. My co-sister never wanted my parents-in-law (PIL) to stay with them. But she and BIL didn’t want them to get to know their intentions, so they tried different ways to suggest to them to stay with us. But my PIL naturally chose their house first, my BIL being the eldest son. Since then my co-sis is behaving so coldly. She doesn’t talk to me unless I talk to her. Walks off into the room when I am there. On top of that she has told my husband to talk to my PIL, about moving to our house! Bg has spoken to them, but they have decided to stay at both places for a few months each and it has hardly been a couple of months since we’ve come here. It is really tough to keep tolerating their behavior!

4. My patience level has been close to nil! I can’t take a joke and keep getting irritated at Bg. I am a horrible person!

5. I wasn’t blogging or writing into my diary, or crafting, reading books/blogs, listening to music or doing anything! Just had no energy or interest for anything!

Waiting to see how things are, going forward!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. greenboochi says:

    Good to see you back Arch! Really. First big hugs to you. I can so relate to your worry of amma and grandma living alone – that worry seeps into us, shattering us sometimes. And I have no words to express what I feel about certain relatives who wouldnt care at all about others. Too bad. May be from their POV, its different but they can be little considerate. Also, hugs to you about your SIL’s behaviour. Tough.

    1. Arch says:

      Thanks so much GB! 🙂

  2. Mi says:

    Good to see some activity here.. So glad that your office has been shifted to place closer to your home.. Hope you find a permanent solution to that! 🙂

    After reading your post, I am left humming this old soap opera title
    khelne wale baith ke dekhenge
    naye khiladi khel yeh khelenge
    rishton ka rang badla
    naaton ka dhang badla
    aaina phir bhi wahi
    kyonki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi 😛

    I am so happy I recollected this 😀 😀

    Jokes apart.. I wish it gets better for you sweety..
    Hugs! 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      Haha 😀
      Thanks for being around Mi! 🙂

    2. It makes me want to hide in a hole because I read line number one and I knew what title that was. Lol. Too much TV!

      1. Mi says:

        hahahaha… 😀 😀 I used to watch a lot of it too..back then! 😛

  3. Just popping in to say hugs and hope your worries cease soon. Sometimes writing is an outlet and it helps. Just saying:)

    1. Arch says:

      Thanks so much! 🙂

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