A friend of mine, who I know from quite a few years is irritating to me to the core. He likes a girl, whom he wants to get married to. But the girl’s family is not agreeing and there are having a hard time in trying to convince them.

On the other hand there is his close friend, a girl whom he knows from his school days. She likes him from many years. She has expressed her love for him too. Though he thinks that she suits his family and will be the perfect wife, he doesn’t want to get married to her for the sole reason that she is not beautiful. By beautiful he means she is not fair and she doesn’t have the perfect features. I have seen her photographs and personally I don’t agree with what he says. She may not be fair but she definitely carries herself well and looks great! I am pretty sure she will find a great guy, with her looks and nature.

Since they are from the same town and belong to the same caste, their families know each other too. The girl’s family have brought forward the proposal for their marriage multiple times. What enrages me most is the fact that though he doesn’t want her as his wife, he did not refuse them. He kept her as his backup plan and dragged the matter for years. Her family is being giving the reason that his sister has to get married first and only then they can think of his wedding.

He talks to her everyday. He wants her care and attention. He couldn’t take it when she had stopped talking to him for a few weeks. Once she got back to talking to him, he started his same old drama. Now the girl says she cannot think of a future without him. He wants to get married to the first girl whom he loves but doesn’t want to reject this girl’s proposal thinking what if the first one doesn’t work out!

After getting sound hearings from me and his sister multiple times on this, he finally told her that he doesn’t love her and cannot get married to her. She keeps talking to him with the hope that he may change his mind. She is not aware of the presence of the other girl. She cries a lot at the mention of a refusal. He sometimes says “I don’t know how to deal with her crying, it’s better I just get married to her and get over and done with it.” What the hell!!?

I have told him several times that she doesn’t need a favor. In fact if he gets out of her life, she will find a guy who actually likes her and will take care of her. She surely will have a tough time to get over this and move on, but it’s good for her if she does that, instead of living with someone who thinks that she is not beautiful and not good enough for him.

I am so frustrated! How can you use people and treat them like this? Like their existence has no value. I gave him a proper blasting today! 😡


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  1. greenboochi says:

    Oh my God! This guy sounds like moron to me (sorry!). I really really wish this girl walks out of his life and finds someone who is good to her than sticking with this idiot and keep suffering. I have personally seen three of my friends suffer at the hands of guys like your friend and I sometimes think its because of the girls and their sweet nature that these guys take them for granted. Its extremely frustrating.

    1. Arch says:

      I really hope she does that!

  2. Mi says:

    oh mann.., I was so already so annoyed at your friend by time I reached the end of the post! Good you gave him a nice dose! How difficult it is to make a simple decision??
    I mean I don’t know.. I have been struggling with it too, but I can never dare spoil anyone else’s life! :/

    1. Arch says:

      I know! How can he be so selfish??!!

  3. Anu says:

    Firstly, who is this stupid friend of yours? I can’t believe that such people exist even in today’s world and worse still, girls such as his friend put up with his stupid behaviour!
    Secondly, there are too many typos in this post! :p

    1. Arch says:

      Yeah.. I noticed the typos only after you told.

  4. What an ass! Feel bad for the girl. Get her email and send her this post.

    1. Arch says:

      I would really like to do that!

  5. This guy sounds like someone who I wouldn’t mind punching. :-/
    Like Pop says, email the girl. Or if you are worried, give me the email id. 😉

    1. Arch says:

      I have told him to sort things out soon, else I am gonna talk to her..

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