Where are we headed?

Intolerance and stuff! What is really happening in our country? Why do such educated people start behaving so foolishly, recklessly passing comments? Also why is there such media in our country, whose job is not to provide information, but to sensationalize everything just to make money? I feel sad to see how things and perspectives are changing for the worse. Isn’t that what people should think about than encouraging such stuff?

The most beautiful thing about our country is the diversity found here. So many people with such rich cultural heritage co-exist. If it has existed for so many decades, why then try and create a dis-harmony now?

What are we teaching our children? Why are we teaching them the wrong stuff? Hindu-Muslim-Christian etc. why all the differentiation?

I always believed that I would teach my child to be secular. I loved the song “Tu Hindu banega na Musalman banega. Insaan ki aulaad hai insaan banega.” But now I wonder how things around will affect the child when he/she comes of age!

I studied in a Muslim minority college, where 90% of the students, lecturers and staff were Muslims. That never affected my studies or how my career shaped up, in any manner. I never faced any discrimination when I was there. I made a lot of friends, some of whom are still in touch.

In fact one of my best friends is a Muslim. Another is a Christian. I have visited the Muslim friend’s house innumerable times, eaten there, slept there. The love and care shown by her mom and naani is just like the love shown by my mom. I was present by her side in all the major events of her life – attaining a degree, getting a job, getting engaged, being married and having a child. She has been a witness to all the major events in my life too. We were inseparable during the college days. Due to our alike nature and some similar features, many of them mistook us for being twins!!

Till today we’ve been in constant touch and share all our joys and sorrows and it never mattered to either of us as to which religion we belonged! I respect their culture, customs and festivities, as she does mine. It really saddens me to see well-educated friends of mine who’ve been part of this diverse culture for decades and been happy, now taking sides and getting involved in unwanted debates.

Any normal human being wouldn’t support terrorist activities or carry out a massacre. People must be really crooked in their mind to actually get misled and get involved in things like these! We are all going to die one day, sooner or later. You are not going to carry your state or country or anything with you! For heaven’s sake, in some customs, the dead bodies are burnt naked, you don’t even carry a piece of clothing with you! Why then fight over such things??

When my Dad died and we brought his body home, it was difficult to carry him to the first floor, where our house is. Some suggested other places where we could take him for the final rites. But we wanted him to be at his home, to which he was emotionally attached. Then my neighboring uncles, two people from Muslim families, lent their shoulders to carry the heavy stretcher upstairs. We are from a Hindu Brahmin family. We didn’t have issues with it, in fact we were so grateful for their help. Neither did they have any qualms when helping out. They offered the help on their own.

There is so much love among the people in our country. The media, the politicians make use of the people’s emotion to make money, gain power, and raise their TRPs. It’s sad that common people get misled by them!

I am not pro any political party or leader. I am pro my country. I am pro anybody who does or wants to do any good for my country, for their country! Jai Hind!


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  1. Greenboochi says:

    Such sad state we are in. Intolerance towards intolerance! I really dont know whats happening and why educated people are also behaving foolishly. Sigh. In a country that is considered one of the largest democratic nation, things like this should not be happening. It is because of the sick game played by media houses and politicians that our country is going down. As you said, even today many of us happily co-exist with other cultures. Its all for some stupids’ cheap tricks, an entire country is suffering.

  2. Poornima says:

    I am following ur blog, but never commented here. If u r okay I would like to have password for ur protected post.

    1. Arch says:

      Hi Poornima! Good to see you here. Do share your email id where I can email you the password. 🙂

      1. Poornima says:

        Hi arch, my email is poornimasp95@gmail.com. I thought u could see it when I wrote the comment.

        1. Arch says:

          Thanks! Will send it. No it only shows me your name.

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