The sunny hot March came and is about to leave and I couldn’t write a single post throughout this month. I was impressed with my regular posting in Feb. I must have jinxed it for myself. 😛

I have been super busy at work, in March. Ironically, I have resigned and am on my notice period. Isn’t it always like that? Everyone’s nice to you as long as you are working for them and you start facing the brickbats, the moment you want to leave. The last month here hasn’t been very pleasant since I resigned. They started questioning my contribution at work and I had to give a harsh and fitting reply for the same. The higher-ups being thick skinned like they usually are, didn’t respond to my email. :-/

I am spending all my spare time watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the zillionth time! 😀 I finally made up my mind to finish crocheting the baby blanket (that I started ages ago) when watching the show, only to run out of yarn. Now I don’t know what to do coz I don’t have enough to finish the blanket and don’t wanna buy it again. 😦

About a month and a half back, my mom fell down just outside the house on her way to office. She twisted her leg and the ankle bone was fractured. Her leg was plastered up and she was advised 6 weeks of rest. The 6 weeks just got over and her plaster was taken off on Saturday. She is coping well now and hopefully will be back to her usual self in a week’s time. Unprecedented things like this throw you off track from all your plans. We had plans to get my grandma’s cataract operation done last month and that was put off because mom wouldn’t be able to attend to grandma’s needs with a fractured leg. :-/

On the other hand my parents-in-law were unwell too. My MIL who had severe cough and refused to take medicines despite all our advice, has alarmingly lost 7kgs. My FIL on the other hand has also become weak and has started skipping his regular walks. This summer has been harsh on everyone in more ways than one! 😦

I am reaping the fruits of hard labour in my terrace garden. 🙂 Will post the pics soon, in another post. Just haven’t been able to make time for it!

Overall the days have been running fast and yet some days seem so long! Weird, but true. How’ve you been doing?

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  1. My Era says:

    I know that feeling of being out-of-place in the organisation where you’ve invested so many hours of your life, giving your best. But, this too shall pass.
    Sorry to learn about the health issues of your parents-in-law, hope your MIL agrees to treatment and they both get well soon.
    Glad that the plaster is finally off your mom’s ankle. Wishing her good health 🙂
    Awaiting pics of your garden & yes, go get that yarn 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      Thank you so much for the warm hugs and kind words ME! 🙂 Welcome here!

  2. Hi Arch! Sad to hear about the notice period being stressful. I gave notice too recently and am in fact in bliss mode here. But that’s how it is in most US companies ya. Hope you mom and Mil recover. Can’t wait to read about your terrace gardening

  3. Greenboochi says:

    Arch.. big hugs to you. I cant believe how people change so quickly. Sigh. Hope you mom and in-laws are better now. I am looking forward to read all about your produce from the garden 🙂

  4. Mi says:

    I couldve written this posr myself.. Ill health of the family really does pull you down. I hope things get better..

    I have resgned too, and I am watching Friends too.. Saw S07E06 – The one with nap partners! !:D
    Good to read your post after a long time..

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