Of endings and new beginnings


The curtains are drawing to close and am trying to catch the last glimpses before this year’s show ends. My year always starts of great, as I have new plans, hopes and aspirations and I do my best in trying to fulfill them. By mid-year my enthusiasm takes a dip, I get caught up in the monotony. Towards the end of the year I am all dull and moping and just waiting for the year to close and a new one to begin. This is ALWAYS the pattern with me. Even my blog post stats reflect that. 😛


2016 has been kind to me. Am thankful for a lot of things. I got immense learning opportunities in the new job that I took up this year. New responsibilities were given which I think I have fulfilled to the best of my ability. I have no regrets in that front. Something that had been in our plans for a long time is now taking shape slowly and I am looking forward to seeing it as a reality in the upcoming year. I learnt a couple of new skills, which aren’t related to my job. These give me the much needed liberation. I do keep making up resolves to be regular at blogging and the numerous other things that give me this kind of freedom, but fail to be consistent at it.

This is a list of my last year’s resolutions and am happy that I haven’t failed completely. In fact I think I have fared quite well. I have cut down on caffeine, learnt more and learnt something new (both technical and non-technical), really cut down on the unwanted shopping!! 😀 Recently when Bg wanted to buy something on Amazon, and I was checking my previous orders, I was delighted to see the message “You have no orders placed in 2016”. The best part is that this holds true for all the other websites too! No unwanted online shopping! 🙂 I laughed and smiled a lot too (the bunch of young teammates that I have are great to be with)! 🙂

I could however have done better on focusing on myself. I have failed in having personal conversations too, partly because I hardly call up people anymore and partly because none of my friends were free to have meet ups!

Another thing that I could have fared better in was my reading. I took up a challenge of 25 books on Goodreads in the beginning of the year. I hardly read about 6 books. :-/ My JustBooks subscription and Kindle were all wasted. 😛

One of the highlights of the year was my cousin’s wedding, which was in the last week. We all were waiting for it and we had huge fun! The rituals, the dressing up, the waking up early and the tasks everything was tiring but super fun. It happened to be on same day as my dad’s birthday and somehow that made it feel complete.

The New Year is much awaited and I am sure with it will come tons of change, joy, love and happiness. It definitely will have equal amount of fights, frustration and sadness. Looking forward to a wholesome and fulfilling year. I don’t see myself doing another post in the next two days. 😛 So wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year – 2017! Have a great year ahead! 🙂


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  1. Anu says:

    Happy new year to you too pichu!! :-*
    Nice to see the customary end of year post from you… I used to do that too but now it seems like that was a long long time ago! 😦
    Good luck for new beginnings…wishing you loads of love, happiness and laughter in this coming year! 🙂

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