A – April

Not that I intended to participate or that I had any such plans. I usually used to notice that the A-Z challenge has started, nearly a week after it had. That meant I couldn’t catch up anyway. 😛 I had taken up this challenge once before. Today when I realized that it’s been just two days since the challenge started, I thought – why not give it a try?

Unfortunately, the only thing that kept popping up in my head from the alphabet A was my manager’s name and that’s not a very pleasant topic to start the challenge with, is it? Definitely not, if the experiences haven’t been pleasant. So we’ll keep that topic for another day.

I like the feel in the thought of April. 🙂 It is the time when the summer holidays used to start when we were in school. Something that we longed for then and definitely long for now. How I wish, companies had that policy of summer vacation too. The world just decides to take a break and since everyone is on a holiday, no one suffers losses. Aah.. talk about day dreaming.

April meant cycle rides to friend’s place. Long chats. Getting lost in reading books (not text books for a change). Being glued in front of the television. Family vacations, and playing outside for hours and not being tired. The heat never bothered us. Eating ice cream, drinking Rasna. 🙂 Oh wow! My mouth is watering.

It was the month we also worried about exam results. Every year on 6th of April we used to go to school to collect the report cards. Most times, I used to top the class and would come home beaming, reading the remarks written by the class teacher. It would also have the “Promoted to Class ‘x’ ” remark in it. April 6th also happened to be the birthday of my best friend, back then. With time and distance we grew apart, but I still cherish those memories – of the hours I would spend at her house. How I would push the cycle along and drop her off at her house, before heading towards mine.

Come April, the streets adjacent to the school would be filled with flowers. This is another thing I love about April, the blooming yellow and pink Tabebuia and Honge trees along the streets. Of course the number has diminished over the years. But my heart fills with joy when I spot even a lone tree with these flowers. 🙂


These memories are so picturesque in my mind, I realize that in today’s world, in the attempt to capture and share everything with the world, we are losing out on the actual experience and joy associated with so many simple things.

Happy and joyful April folks! 🙂


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  1. Anu says:

    Wow! Nice… A post a day? I’ll look forward to that 🙂 Yes April brings back fond memories from childhood… And I too love love love the trees laden with pink flowers and the soothing shades of the honge tree 😀

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