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I still have to catch up with the post for B, ain’t I? From writing nothing for months to writing two posts a day. So unlike me. But a challenge is a challenge and I need to try at least a decent amount before giving up. 😉

I have been trying to get back my enthusiasm for reading. I think I have written a zillion times about how I used to read voraciously as a teenager. I think I keep harping about it (more to myself), so I can get back to being like that.

As with everyone, I was addicted to different books at different point of time. Champak, Gokulam, Tinkle Digest and Archie as a kid. My Dad used to happily subscribe for books for us. Champak, Gokulam and Chandamama were a regular at home. The digests were a special treat sometimes.

Then came the age of getting lost in the world of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, Malory Towers and St. Clare’s series. Which then led to exploring The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books. I wonder if I had spared any available book back then.

It was only later that I realized that there’s a wide variety of writing and a huge number of authors available to read. Subscriptions to libraries helped and the Agatha Christie novels, Harry Potter series and exploring some of the classics happened. 🙂

At one point of time I only preferred fiction. Over time my taste changed and I ventured to exploring biographies, inspirational books, Indian writing and even self-help books. But the madness of wanting to finish a book as soon as possible diminished. I am trying to bring back that enthusiasm and zeal.

These are the books I have picked from my bigger shelf – to be finished reading next. 🙂  I have hoarded enough and there are many more lying unread.


Of these I recently finished Sita’s Ascent and P.S. I Love You.

I liked Sita’s Ascent, which was about the incidents in the life of Sita. Though I liked the way it is written as a narration from different characters of the Ramayana, I felt it was slightly discontinuous. The narrations could have been better linked and more detailed. If you already know the story of Ramayana, then you will like it. But it’s a not a book to introduce Ramayana to you.

I always loved the movie P.S. I Love You. I have watched it multiple times. It is one of the few movies which I watched even before reading the original book. Somehow I was never enthused to pick up the book as the movie was perfect in my opinion. Boy oh boy, did I love the book! I found that it differed a whole lot from the movie, except for the core part. But I loved the difference. I could actually appreciate the movie’s creative changes better. In some parts I liked the movie version better and the book impressed me much more in some parts. I enjoyed reading it and actually read it in my old speed. 🙂


My Kindle has also been sitting around with a few books in it. I am contemplating subscribing for Kindle unlimited too. But haven’t yet given into the temptation. Slow and steady Arch!


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  1. Anu says:

    Good! I’ve tried to get back to reading too – I try and read in a cab at-least a few pages, although reading for long in moving vehicles gives me a headache – but that’s the only time I seem to get! 😦 I must be among the last few to read the Shiva trilogy – so late after it was published! :-/ There are still so many unread books on my shelf – remember the mad buying we did at the book fair the year before last? 😉

    1. Arch says:

      For me, my cab travel was the best time to read. I read so many books back then. 😦
      It doesn’t matter, when you read it. What matters is that you did. 🙂 It was good.. wasn’t it?
      Yes! It is that mad buying which is stopping me from buying anymore now. 😛

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