D – Daddy


Come June, it’ll be 4 years. I keep counting don’t I? There’s nothing else that I can do either. Things have changed quite a lot since you have gone, but I must agree that time has healed the wounds to an extent.

I was working the other day with my nose behind the laptop, when I heard BG, you know… “pass his gas” so loudly. 😀 I almost shouted out “Daddy!”. Remember you did that at times and I would shout at you? For a moment I almost forgot it was BG and not you. 😦 The whole sternness vanished and I didn’t know whether I should laugh or be angry.

There are so many instances now that people’s behavior – specifically that of chikkappa and BG, remind me of you. Chikkappa taking pictures on his smart phone at the function, whatsapp-ing photos of photos from cousin A’s wedding album to us. 😀 Him worrying about his daughter’s stay away from home, all remind me of you. It’s just like what you would do. After all you are brothers and would share many similar traits. It’s only now that we are observing it. 🙂

Similarly with BG, always wondering which eatery to go to and what to eat whenever we go outside. Ask him to get one thing and he will get two. Cracking some stupid joke when I am angry. So many tiny things remind me of you. Things that I would get annoyed at before, now make me smile just because it brings back a memory.

I missed you terribly at A’s wedding. But in a way it felt good that it was on your birthday. Somehow it felt complete because of that. The family picture and Mom’s photo with the bride and groom, felt incomplete without you. I just couldn’t control my tears seeing her on the stage alone for the photograph. It’s not that I wanted to create a scene, but I couldn’t stop myself. 😦

I’ll miss you more in the coming days, I am sure you know why. 😦 This song, Appa… I love you pa.. from a recent Kannada movie makes me cry every single time I listen to it. The childhood memories flash by each time. Miss you Daddy!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tharani says:

    Hugs hugs Arch.

    1. Arch says:

      Thank you Tharani!

    1. Arch says:

      Hugs right back!

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