E – Empty


Have you ever felt that more the stuff we fill our lives with, the emptier we feel? I get that feeling all the time.

Our growing up years were really far more comfortable than that of our parents. We didn’t struggle for the basic needs. We led a simple middle class life. A car, a phone, the cable connection, a computer everything was considered a luxury. We didn’t have any of those during the growing up years. It came with time. But that didn’t matter. We enjoyed whatever was there.

The studies, friends, play time, cousins, walks, leisurely outing with parents all of this kept us sufficiently busy and fulfilled in life. The festivals, related shopping, home-made delicacies would be relished. The memories of those times are still cherished. Life felt full and brimming. It never for once felt empty. I never-ever heard my father complain that he was bored. But that’s a thought that crosses my mind every single day now. I am bored, so easily, of everything!

We have everything in our lives now – the essential and the unessential stuff. We have a house of our own. Every individual has a mobile phone, the house has a television with a set-top box, we have a laptop, a tab, the internet and what not. People have machinery to do every possible thing – to wash, to clean, to dry, to cook. So many facilities. Yet life feels empty.

We no longer have enriching conversations. We hardly meet people without appointment. It’s almost a sin to visit someone without giving them a call. If you prefer the old school ways, you are labeled a bore. We don’t even have face to face talks. Almost always the other person has his/her nose in the phone. We don’t even have topics to converse about.

Pubs, Discos, binge drinking, partying seem to be the only interesting things for the youngsters. That’s the trend with even the school going kids today. They are totally disconnected with the family. I see several such instances among the immediate cousins in the family.

Many of us who have a job, a good pay, are not happy with it. Neither do we give it up and explore what we want, nor do we find satisfaction in it. We are confused souls.

I am on a constant exploration of how to fill this emptiness. In my opinion only relationships and human connections can make life more fulfilling. What’s your take on this?


* Pic courtesy Google images.


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  1. Anu says:

    Hmmm…food for thought?!

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