F – Friends


Just 5 alphabets done and am already here, trying to meet the deadline by drafting a post at 11 in the night. Though I had this topic on my mind all day, first I couldn’t find the time due to work throughout the day and then I had my friend come over to my place in the evening, which was actually perfect considering what I wanted to write about.

Recently I have noticed that I don’t have an inclination to talk to any of my friends. Whom I refer to here are the close ones with whom I have constantly put an effort to stay in touch with over the years. Somewhere at some point of time, I started getting the feeling that I am trying too hard and should let things be and give others the chance to get back.

Whenever any of them called, I used to find it so hard to begin a conversation because I felt disconnected at the back of my mind. I find it hard to ping or call friends I used to talk to everyday. I feel I don’t have anything to speak.

Today when my friend came over, she was, mentioning to someone over a call that she’s gonna go back home late, only after 7. She was at my place at around 4. For a moment I was actually wondering what will I converse for such a long time. I was shocked at my own thoughts, but I couldn’t help thinking that way considering how I was feeling off late.

But the 3 hours she spent here was a breeze. 20 years of knowing each other imbibes a closeness which I realized doesn’t need constant validation. You just pick off from you left last time, no matter how long it has been. I felt so comfortable and at ease that I wondered about why I think so much before calling people.

I doubt I will find a friend at this age, who will stick around for the next 20 years. But I am pretty sure the ones who have been around for this 20 will still be there for the next 20 too. I am happy that I have a bunch of such friends and should really count it as one of my blessings.

Accepting the fact that we cannot meet every other day like our old times and putting a slight effort to keep in touch is enough to experience the joy and closeness in these rare meets. πŸ™‚


*Pic courtesy Google images.


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  1. Anu says:

    Of course! πŸ™‚
    I loved that quote!

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