H – Heat


The temperatures are soaring day by day and we aren’t even half way through summer. What is it that we have done and doing to our planet? Year after year the rains are failing and rivers and lakes depleting. Imagine the plight of people who have to work on the streets in this summer, the animals which are tired and thirsty, the aged, the pregnant women etc.

Our authorities don’t seem to care. All that they bother about is building more steel flyovers and underpasses and ways to ruin the remaining green cover in the city. In Kannada  there’s an old belief/saying – that good and kind-hearted people are the reason for timely rainfall and harvests. Probably it is thanks to such kind-hearted souls that we haven’t seen doomsday yet. The people who formed the human chain and stood for hours protesting against the steel flyover construction, the people who are trying to do their bit by planting trees and plants. The NGOs which are trying to save the remaining green cover.

Good Samaritans like Saalumarada Thimakka who has planted 384 banyan trees (about whom I think I have written before) are the sole reason we are all still breathing. Although I am glad to read about many individuals who are now working towards conserving and growing trees I am extremely saddened to read articles saying how toxic our lakes are, how polluted our cities are and how the government is not even focusing on these issues.

I urge people to plant trees, have gardens and also involve their children in such tasks, so they learn at a tender age. I am so pleased when I hear that the nephew has watered the plants on a day we have missed. 🙂

I would like to share a message that I had once received on whatsapp. It stuck in my memory since then. “Do not throw away the seeds of the fruits you eat into the dustbin. Instead wash it, dry it and preserve it. Throw these in open lands and along the roads when you are headed on some journey. Even if one of them sprouts and sustains to become a tree, it’s totally worth it.” 🙂

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