K – Kick


Is what I feel like giving myself right now! I have been thinking all day on what to post from the alphabet and couldn’t find anything suitable!

BG is torturing me by giving some abominable suggestions when I asked him for words from K for blogging.

The word abominable reminds of just one thing – The St. Clare’s series by Enid Blyton. How many times I have read and reread that as a kid! The whole idea of staying in a hostel, sharing dormitories seemed so fascinating! That is what put the desire of wanting to stay away from home into my head. At that age, I had no idea what scones and bacon was. But the mention of it in the books made me imagine something yummilicious to eat. It was revolting to find out that bacon actually meant pork meat! 😮

Years later I did get a chance to stay away from home for two whole years and I must admit that I enjoyed it a lot. The stay with roomies, the cooking, the getting up late, surviving on Maggi over the weekend, the returning late, the beach visits, the roaming around at malls, the scores of movies we watched, the innumerable rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the travel between the cities, the special treatment back home whenever I visited, I enjoyed it all! Loved that phase in my life!

By now you must be wondering that this post has nothing to do with K or Kicks. Secretly you would be wishing that you could kick me too. So let me tell you that this is a cheat post and I had no clue what I was writing. I just wrote what came to mind one after the other. But I have to survive the challenge! That’s the motto. So a couple of cheat posts are allowed right? 😀


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