R – Rendezvous

My best buddy who lives in Chennai got married in November. His engagement was more of a family affair that was organized by the girl’s family and was held in Kerala. We had decided to skip that, assuming we would anyway attend the wedding.

Unexpectedly something really important came up at our end in November and we just couldn’t make it to his wedding. 😦 He set up a new home with his wife. We discussed elaborately about it over calls and he shared pictures.

He was to have his family and cousins over at their place during Christmas and they were to take a trip in January. So our plans to visit them at their home was delayed quite a bit and was zeroed in for February end. As luck would have it, I fell terribly sick at that time. I was down with severe cough and viral fever for more than a week and was on continuous leave from work too. So that plan went down the drain.

I kept telling him, this whole thing is jinxed and they should just come over to Bangalore instead of us coming there. So they booked tickets for the Good Friday – Easter long weekend. When I kept looking forward to that, he called me telling he has to travel to the US for work for about 3 months! 😐 I was so angry. 😡

He flew there and among conversations I found out that his wife would travel alone to Bangalore. She has cousins here and a lot of other cousins too had planned their travel to coincide with the newly wedded couple’s travel. So she decided to come anyway.

I had met her once before their wedding, in October when I had traveled to Chennai for a week, to attend a training. We had hit it off really well, sitting and chatting at the beach, making fun of her husband-to-be. I was really happy that my best buddy had found the perfect wife and I knew that our friendship would continue to be as great as it was, thanks to her. 🙂

So when I knew she is to travel alone to Bangalore, I planned for a rendezvous with her rather than waiting forever for our combined meet up plan to become a reality. I think it is was the best thing we did. Over Whatsapp messages and calls we decided the venue and just met. It was so simple, unlike all the other elaborate, cancelled plans.

She is a very soft-spoken, but extremely witty and humorous girl and we had a great time chatting about a variety of things, just like how it would have been with me and her husband. She had carried a gift that they had bought for my birthday, when they were on their trip to Sikkim. It’s a beautiful glass tea-pot accompanied with two big packets of Masala and Darjeeling tea. How awesome! 🙂 They just know what I would love!

When over chat I had asked her what she would like as gift for their wedding, she had mentioned that she would like a money plant. So I had dutifully carried one, along with a hand-painted glass vase, which can adorn their home. She said that she really liked it and sent me a picture of it, after going home too. 🙂 We had lunch at a veg restaurant at Brigade Road and loved the food. We expected it to be good, but it was great!

All in all the rendezvous turned out to be beautiful and we had a great time together! We sent loads of pictures to the buddy and made him SO jealous. Are we evil or what! Hehehe. 😀

Looking forward to their promised visit together, in May. *Fingers-crossed*. 🙂


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