T – Time


Some days are a race against time. Today has been one such day. What started off with cooking and packing for office at 6.30 in the morning is yet to come to a close. The day at office was hectic with a long list of work lined up, back to back discussions and meetings, clarifications to be given to the team.

There is an important presentation scheduled for Wednesday and I just had to finish the presentation slides today, so I could get them reviewed tomorrow and focus on the other tasks. That presentation took up all my time after coming back home, late from office. I just wrapped it up and hurriedly opened WordPress to meet the post target for today.

The presentation preparation ruined my plans of wanting to write a post about Travel and log the beautiful experiences from a few trips that we took last year. That topic has to wait for another day. All I could think of was how I have been racing against time all day, even now, to reach the midnight mark!

Ironically just yesterday I had written a journal entry of how perfect my day was and how I had time for everything! I finished so many tasks that were long due – I layered the compost, I wrote a blog post about it with pictures, I uploaded pictures of my recent work on the Facebook page for my art work, I made progress on the crochet work, logged all this into my journal too.

Despite doing all this I still had time to go for a long walk with BG, hand in hand, savoring our talk about various tiny topics. We came back home to watch and enjoy an episode of a Kannada talk show, which had Jayanth Kaikini as guest. It was a beautiful and inspiring episode. 🙂

Two totally opposite, but fruitful days!


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  1. Anu says:

    Some days are like that! My Saturday was similar, I only seemed to be racing against time to get from one place to another to finish off tasks one by one, from morning till night! 😦
    We too watched the episode – it was wonderful isn’t it? All that he said – his words they are so true, sincere and heart-touching I thought! I’m inspired to read his books now – especially his writings about Bombay which so many people spoke about 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      Yes! Me too. I want to read his books too. 🙂

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