U – Unwind


People have a variety of ways to unwind. Some listen to music, some paint, some just put their legs up and watch TV and some take a nap! Though all of these are valid for me at different times, having a nice conversation is what is most relaxing.

I had never been the child who would come back home from school and relate the stories of the entire day to Mom or Dad. That was primarily due to two reasons – when we returned home, our parents would still be at work and when they returned there would still be a lot of household chores to attend to. This made me more of an introvert.

There were many days I wished that my Mom was at home when we returned from school. I did not understand the practicalities back then. I wanted to be like my friends who would describe their entire day to their parents. Since I never did it, I never built that habit. Due to that, even now, I don’t find the inclination to narrate things to her many a times. But now she wants to listen, wants to have long conversations with us. Though I make sure I talk to her twice a day, I try to put better efforts to share things with her after I lost my Dad. It is those missed conversations with him that I regret the most now!

Similarly, over time, I have consciously put an effort to discuss and narrate at least some of the incidents and conversations of the day to BG. Basically I don’t want to unwind a tiring day with both of us staring at our phone screens. It still happens sometimes. But I try to avoid it.

Many a times when I am talking or narrating something and he is staring into his laptop or phone, I get really disappointed and make up my mind to not tell him stuff ever again. But I change my resolve, for it is a habit I want us to build and want our child/children to pick it up too. What can be a better way to unwind your day than chatting with your loved ones?


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  1. Anu says:

    “What can be a better way to unwind your day than chatting with your loved ones?” – that’s so true! We’re so lost in checking our smart phones these days, that we’ve forgotten to talk enough 😦

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