W – Words

Words have so much power. Words are so beautiful. They can express all that you want, just the way you want it. Some people have a way with words, they just string them together and it becomes poetry. Though I have always been a person who prefers prose to poetry, I still can’t stop admiring people who have a flair in writing.

I know my writing is plain and I can never write something poetical, ever! But I keep my writing clean. By clean, I mean the old school style. I prefer not to use slang and love the language in its original form. So much that when I type posts in WordPress, I always type it the British way (the way I learnt it in school) and then let WordPress point out the US way and make the correction to make it happy. For me color was always colour, favor was favour, traveler was traveller and so on.

It is jarring to my eyes when I see people typing short forms for even the smallest of words. My sister and I were recently discussing about how people type “wat” instead of “what”, “v” instead of “we” etc. I mean how difficult is it to type another extra alphabet and spell the word correctly? I just don’t get it.

I can still forgive them if it’s a personal message or conversation. Sadly my juniors at office use these kind of words even in an official chat with me or their manager. It’s really irritating. I have gone ahead and told a few of them how incorrect and unprofessional that is! Sadly the whole bunch of youngsters who have come to the team are like that. I can point it out to them, but not change their habit.

A typical sentence from them would be something like – “K. I tot m rite.” which means “OK. I thought I am right”. It simply puts me off! They don’t learn even after seeing my replies, in which I use the right spellings and complete sentences. I think this whole culture of cutting short every word came in from the time of text messaging on mobiles. There used to be a character limit and exceeding it would result in you being charged for two messages.

For heavens sake! Now even messaging is free! People only chat over internet based applications and they have huge amounts of internet data available for their use, they can at least use the right words now. Can’t they?

P.S: From the time I decided on the word “words”, I have been humming the song “It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away!”. 🙂 What a song! ❤


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