Z – Zeal


For once, without sounding boastful, I would like to give myself credit for lasting through this blogging challenge. The zeal with which I took up this challenge was much more when I compare it to the last time I took up the challenge.

I was also more at ease when in comparison to the last time and didn’t actually worry too much about what to write. Some how I felt that the idea would come to me by the end of the day and that was exactly what happened. I also like the posts that I wrote this time, much better than the last time. I felt the writing was more natural.

It was fun too. Though I would have an idea about what to write, I would casually ask BG to give me ideas, just for the fun of it. It was so much fun to listen to his suggestions. We’ve had hilarious conversations around the topics of his suggestion. Having started the challenge a couple of days late, today I had to catch up with two posts, to finish off on the last day of April.

When I asked BG, who is in Bellary, over the phone as to what I should I write from ‘Z’. He said “write about Zoo”. I quipped back saying, “brilliant idea, I can write about our house and family members.” 😉 Being the sport he is, we had a good laugh over it. 😀

All in all, it has been great fun doing this. I hope the zeal that I had throughout the month, lasts, and I keep the blog equally updated and alive at all times. I do have a series of posts in mind, which I will post some time soon. Till then, Ciao! 🙂


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  1. Anu says:

    Good job! Hope the writing of posts continues with or without the challenge! 🙂

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