Pregnancy diary – 14.03.2017

Okay! Doesn’t look like anybody has a solution to this. I am tired of scrolling through endless forum conversations with people discussing how each of them have a broken rib from coughing, but nobody gives a clear solution as to doing what will reduce the pain or the urge to cough. I am tired.

2 weeks back I was down due to viral fever. Till then I was thinking I am damn lucky to be having a really peaceful pregnancy. I didn’t have morning sickness during the first trimester. In fact my morning sickness visited me during the night. But even then it wasn’t all that bad. Some vomiting, which I could easily handle.

Second trimester was great. I felt good. My skin started glowing, my hair fall reduced and my locks felt voluminous. I went about doing all the chores and work at home that I always did. Went to office and worked for 10+ hours and could still manage. Only problem I faced was the back ache. It was severe (or that’s what I thought).

Enter last trimester. I had huge plans for this. To go to office till May. Finish up the project that was newly assigned to me (will save that story for another day – I mean who assigns brand new demanding work to a pregnant lady??). Take my leaves from the beginning of May and start the maternity leave after the delivery. All planned to a T.

Zoom in to today. I am sitting, working from home (which I am really lucky to get), with broken rib bones (yeah looks like multiple ones). So 2 weeks back when I entered the last trimester, I was down with viral fever like I told earlier. With the temperature hitting a 102 and 103 degree F, I was exhausted and only lying around in bed for more than three days. Along with it came the throat infection with resulted in a bad cough. Coughing continuously I started getting pain on my sides. I thought it must be the strained muscles.

Last Friday night when I was coughing there was a sudden catch in my back. So horrible that I could hardly breathe. The more I panicked, the shorter I was of breath. Since it was close to 11 in the night, all that we did was to apply some balm and keep a hot water bag and go to bed. First thing in the morning we did, was to visit the neighboring doctor, who suspected a fracture in the rib. But in pregnancy neither do they do an x-ray nor give any treatment for broken ribs. She prescribed a few pain killers, which she repeatedly told is not good for the baby if taken continuously.

Those tablets helped me get through half a day, post which we decided to visit my regular gynecologist. She asked me to stop those pain killers the moment she saw the prescription. She only gave me a paracetamol and referred me to a chest physician for my cough. He confirmed the crack in the rib, my examining (read as prodding at the bones 😥 )  and then repeated my gynac’s statements, they cannot prescribe pain killers during pregnancy and that I will have to make do with paracetamol and hot packs. He gave me a medicine for the cough and asked me to meet him 10 days later.

Two days later, the cough-catch-horrifying pain episode repeated on the other side of the ribs too. So now I suspect more than one fracture, about which I can do nothing much. The cough is still lingering around and giving me a horrible time. I am walking around like a zombie, unable to bend over, to lie down, to get up etc. I took the report to office and requested for a continuous work from home, which got approved. So here I am propped up on about four pillows typing this post and worrying about what next.

PS: A friend of mine delivered a baby boy today, after 10 hours of labor. *Gulp*.

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