Pregnancy Diary – 16.03.2017

I don’t know what it will take to prove to people that my rib bone may actually be fractured and that I am in immense pain. Just because I am trying to manage everything and going about doing the usual things, everyone assumes that the pain is gone and I am all fine.

Well, I can’t keep repeating that it hurts like hell to lie down, to get into and get out of the car, to sit for long hours etc. I am trying to manage with whatever the situation is. If the situation was the same and I had an x-ray for proof, people would have probably behaved differently. Why would I pop pills, apply ointments, sleep in a fixed position etc. if the pain was tolerable?

It irks me that people assume the pain to be gone by now. Which crack or fracture heals so quickly? I know how much it hurts when I cough. God save me when I have to sneeze, for a moment I get the feeling that I might die from the pain.

Well the pain better be gone soon or people learn to keep quite. I can’t handle both! 😡


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