Pregnancy Diary – 18.04.2017

I was thinking today and realized that I am quite enjoying being pregnant. I was rather feeling sad today that I get to be in this phase for just another 45 days or so.

Sure, the sitting, turning, bending, walking, everything takes effort and is uncomfortable. But the sensation of my baby wiggling, prodding at the belly with its fist, foot and sometimes just going to sleep with its bum pressed against the belly wall (that’s how it feels) are feelings that can never be expressed as wonderfully as they are to experience.

The rounded belly is something that I don’t mind one bit now, unlike how I thought before. I tend to look at it fondly and with so much love. I don’t know if my baby inside can feel my love for it right now, but I surely love it far beyond what I had imagined I would.

The baby’s Appa is as excited as I am. He is just not expressive by nature. He is always guarded. There is this shine in his eyes that I see when he spots a protruding elbow or fist like shape on the belly, that gives him away. 🙂 I am also pretty sure that there is a sense of pride too. It was so heart warming when the other day he brought home something to eat and told me “this is for you and Gundu”. ❤ He rarely expresses something like that. He does keep enquiring if Gundu is sleeping or playing around. 🙂

I had this huge desire to get a pregnancy photo shoot done. Neither BG nor I were going to opt for an outsider to do it for us. We are yet to even explore our camera. So after a lot of thinking I asked my sister to do it for us. She agreed instantly. I was delighted to say the least. I had an awesome time, posing and taking pictures. The pictures came out great and I can’t get enough of seeing it again and again! 🙂

Everybody seems to predict that I will have a girl. Apparently I have got this glow on my face according to them. The age-old prediction is that if you are carrying a girl you get a glow and if it’s a boy your skin tends to become dull. No matter what people guess, only time will tell.

My feet are swollen and ache every single day. But I am already sad that I will miss those moments when BG massages these tired ankles or applies oil on them. 😦

A thought that keeps coming to my mind from time to time is that as long as I am pregnant, my baby is only mine. It’s antics, movements and every tiny thing is inside of me and only for me to experience. Once it arrives it is something that I have to share with everyone. Everyone will want to hold it, cuddle it, carry it. I know I am being selfish in wanting to be the only one to enjoy the experience, but that is how I feel right now. All said and done, I want our baby to arrive on time and in good health. That is what I pray for every day.


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  1. Anu says:

    And then you went ahead and had another boy! :-/
    But I looove gm so you’re forgiven! 😛

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