Travel Diaries – Chennai


We finally made this trip to Chennai last weekend. I had missed attending my best friend’s wedding because I was pregnant. He and his wife set up a new home and had been inviting us since then. After a lot of planning, we decided for the Republic day long weekend and booked the tickets well in advance. The weather in Chennai would be just right, I knew. Come Feb, the heat would start getting worse and travelling with Gundu, would have been difficult.

We had booked a day train. I was super excited about travelling in the double-decker. It would have been my first time. As the date of travel got closer, I started having second thoughts. Gundu is in this phase where he just doesn’t want to lie down on the lap or sit. He can’t sit by himself either. He wants to stand. Of course he can’t, but that won’t stop him. He will keep pulling away from us until we hold him upright. Travelling in the double-decker, in a chair car now seemed like a herculean task. These doubts made us change the booking to the night train, in the last-minute.

Gundu was super excited about travelling in the train. He was awestruck by the number of lights in the railway station and just couldn’t stop staring at them. It was really late by the time he settled down to sleep. We reached my friend’s place early in the morning, put Gundu down to sleep and sat chatting over huge cups of tea. 🙂

The next three days we had great fun, playing cards at home, eating home-made Kerala style food and lots of chatting. We went to Mahabalipuram, where I hadn’t been previously. However, we were quite put off by the crowd. There were too many people, probably because of the long weekend. We went to the Thiruvanmiyur beach the following day and spent a few good hours there. I was hoping that Gundu would like going to the beach, but I guess he was a little scared seeing the magnanimity of the sea.

He was warily watching the waves hit the shore. He would start crying the moment his feet touched the water and would stop as soon as he was picked up. There was another baby, a little younger than Gundu, whose parents were as enthusiastic as us. Maybe we have to wait for a couple of years more for him to be able to enjoy the water. We, on the other hand enjoyed the water, the milagai bajji, cotton candy and hot cups of tea.

It was saddening to realize that the three days had gone by so soon and we had to head back home. This time we had no choice but travel by the Shatabdi previously booked. This too was a seater arrangement. Thankfully it was comparatively peaceful than what I had imagined it would be. There were another bunch of kids on the other side, who were creating a ruckus and Gundu seemed far more silent. 😛

Looking forward to many more such trips and nice time with friends in the coming years.


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