Me Time!


Music is food for the soul. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a leisurely hour to listen to music or enjoy it. At times I am so tired that any background music also seems like noise and irritates me.

Long baths, with my favorite music playing in the background is something I used to love. Enjoyed it at least once a week. The hot water accompanied by melodies from Sonu Nigam or Kishore Kumar was my rejuvenating mechanism. But it had been so long, that I had forgotten how it felt.

Yesterday I watched this video that a friend shared. Better late than never! It made so much sense! To invest time on ourselves is so important. If not for anything else, just to stay sane.

So today after my son’s bath, feed, put to down to nap routine was done, I decided I would take a long bath with some good music, not bothering about how soon he would be up. Usually I just rush through my bath, breakfast etc. with the fear that he will be up and I won’t find time to even sit down for a moment. That’s exactly what happens too. Today I told my mom, I am gonna take a long bath, entertain your grandson, if he wakes up. 😛

It was totally worth it! Also guess what? Gundu was still asleep when I came back, which gave me enough time to draft this post too. Yay! Cheers to finding time for ourselves! 🙂

One Comment Add yours

  1. Bikramjit says:

    Cheers to the little one also who slept soundly , not disturbing you 🙂

    ME time is very Important TIME 🙂

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