Catch up post!

It’s been a year since I am on leave. The time to get back to work is close, I report next Monday. I feel so bad when I think of being 8+ hours away from my baby. It is so hard for moms. They have to choose between their career and being a mother. If they choose both, they have to keep battling with the guilt that crops up every now and then.

The little fella is becoming more curious and naughty by the day. He has already learnt the tricks of the trade and cries out loud if something’s taken away from him. He wants to pull at exactly those things which he isn’t supposed touch. The photos, the plugs, electronic stuff, the lamp etc.

The mister has a temper too! Can you believe it? The one thing that I didn’t want him to take after me, he goes ahead and makes sure he inherits it. He knows how to give angry looks and clenches his tiny teeth together when he isn’t pleased. 😐 He bites! He bites out of anger and happiness, both. While others have been at the receiving end too, I am the victim most of the times. I really hope he outgrows it soon. I’ve been trying all sorts of things to make him stop biting. 😦

These are small things that I keep complaining about, so people don’t put kannu to my son. Otherwise he’s a darling and I can’t stop smothering him with kisses. He however wants to run away and pull at things. Keeps sliding off when being carried, wants to stand when we make him sit. He crawls all over the house exploring new things which are unseen to us. While we want to hold on to him tightly, he wants to explore the world.

I know I am being a besotted mom, who only blogs about her son. That is something which I didn’t want this blog to become. I didn’t want my posts to only be mommy posts. The past year I have tried to retain my other identity, by doing things which are close to my heart. I tried to spare time for my hobbies and didn’t want the mom in me to engulf my entire identity. I knit and crocheted quite a lot of stuff for other dear ones and their babies. I got back to reviving my terrace garden. It was totally neglected after I moved to my mother’s house post delivery. I am slowly trying to bring it back to shape. I have also been working on my sewing, the hobby I picked up this year. I try to sketch sometimes. Overall I am happy with myself.


The bougainvillea that now adorns our balcony.

Glimpses from the terrace garden

Things I made recently –

It feels good… I wonder how it will be after I get back to work. I hope I find a good balance.


8 Comments Add yours

    1. Arch says:

      Thank you patiamma 🙂

  1. Anu says:

    I’m sure you’ll do great! Hugs and lots of love to the little one and you! :-*

  2. Bikramjit says:

    My best wishes and i am sure it will all get balanced one day..

    Lots of love to the little one…

    The plants look so healthy and beautiful.. which reminds me i need to Start on my littke garden since winters arw over and spring too almost..

    Take care and all the best…

    1. Arch says:

      Thanks so much Bikram. 🙂

  3. Going back to work after having a baby is the hardest thing ever. I had a hard time getting back to work. Even now I feel guilty for leaving him in daycare. That guilt never goes away. 😦

    1. Arch says:

      I know. It is so hard. I spend so much time at work looking at his photos and calling up home. 😦

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