Making Memories

It is strange how every day looks the same when you look from afar. Doing the mundane jobs that every day is filled with. What you need to do is look close. Close, because there will be so many moments of joy and gratitude that you will miss out otherwise.

I am blessed with a weird kind of memory. At times it’s a really good one. I remember the smallest of the weirdest detail. I remember the teacher from my crèche coming to visit me, when I was down with measles. I also remember wearing a blue frock, with black polka dots on it. 😐 I was less than 3 yrs old then. At other times, the memory is a really bad one. For instance I can hardly remember stuff from my early childhood, the age of 5 – 10. My thoughts go blank if I try to remember anything significant. Similarly, the other day I realized I don’t remember anything from my sister’s baby shower. In fact I don’t even remember attending it. I realized that I was there, after seeing the photograph. Strange!

Talking of losing memories, I realized, some of these precious moments that I witness each day, thanks to my son, I should record it somewhere. It will feel amazing to come back and read about them some day, when my son is away hanging out with his friends and has little time for his parents.

  • A gorgeous smile that shows up on his face – when he wakes up and sees my face; when I walk in to the house from office and he’s out there in the hall, playing on the mat; when I hand him his favorite emoji keychain. The two dimples that appear on his cheeks, are to die for!
  • He has suddenly become superfast in learning new things. The same boy who took 7 months just to roll over, has learned to sit, stand and take baby steps within a week. It is amazing to watch this transformation. He skillfully folds his legs and lifts his stomach off the floor, to sit upright. Holds on to something handy and draws himself on his knees and then gleefully stands up. He also holds on to the bed and takes small steps forward. I am lost between trying to prevent him from falling and taking videos. 🙂
  • He is the naughtiest when I put him on the bed. He reaches the edge of the bed in a jiffy and hangs half his body out precariously and starts tapping the wooden part to hear the sound. He goes on to drop whatever is in his hand, on the floor. This ranges from key-chain, toys, combs to my spectacles, the torch etc. He is well aware that I refuse him to do that. I assertively say ‘NO’. In response, he looks at me with a serious face and then happily drops the object in hand, ‘clunk’!
  • He sings a lullaby to himself which goes “AaaaaAAaaaAaaaaaaAAaaaaa”, when he is dropping off to sleep.
  • He wants to eat whatever is in my plate, even if he has had his meal just then. He clambers all over me, butting me with his head and poking me with his nails, making sure he stands up to see what’s in my plate and if I will give it to him.
  • How he adorably sleeps with his face nestled close to his Appa, chin and head slightly lifted, early in the morning.
  • He instantly lifts his hand, sometimes both, to wave bye, the moment someone says “Tata, Bye!”
  • The rapt attention with which he listens to the “Old Mac Donald” rhyme, the moment I start singing it. I use this trick in the situations that he is being really difficult to handle. When he wants to run and not get his diaper changed, when he acts all wriggly in the car, when he wants to jump out of his tub etc. I don’t know when this trick is gonna stop working. I have already run out of many such tricks. 😐

He is growing fast to be this tiny individual who wants to explore things on his own and gets angry when he is rebuked. All that I want to do right now is hold on to these moments tightly, as they slip away. Hoping for life to be filled with such moments always. 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anu says:

    Strangely I have this problem too – of remembering mundane nondescript stuff while not having any memory of some important occasions! may be it runs in our family!! 😀 Selective amnesia! 😉
    Gm is sooo cute when he sits up and stand on his wobbly legs! :-*
    Hey, Old Mac Donald was a favourite with S too when he was a baby – he would stop and listen quietly! 🙂

  2. Deboshree says:

    Documenting memories is a wonderful idea. I am always scared of losing them.
    This was beautiful.

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