Gundu updates..

I was reading my journal entries from a year back and realized I was such a harried mom at that point of time. The beauty of it all is, that I hardly remember any of that agony now. Time is such a healer. During those days, I always used to wonder, how on earth people plan for a second or third child after going through so much physical pain and mental strain. Today I realize, if one year later I don’t remember much of the pain, they surely would’ve forgotten everything in a few years.

One thing that dawned upon me, like a realization, is that, if I don’t remember the pain from a year ago, the things I am fretting about right now, won’t even matter in a year from now. That actually gave me quite a relief. The assurance that things will turn out fine. Whatever happens, I am sure I can deal with it. Journaling, blogging and making a note of these things, really help. I see that. 🙂

As the time is rushing by, I realize the joy of my life, my son is growing up soon. He’s already 2 months and a year old. He is learning new things by the hour! Here are some of his latest antics, achievements and updates –

  • He can comfortable tread around the whole house, holding on to the diwan, the walls, doors and shelves or anything within reach. He cautiously lets go off his hands to check for a few seconds to see if has attained complete balance and if he can walk freely, but decides against it. He goes back to scooting around with help.
Monkeying around in the car.
  • He loves wearing socks! 🙂 He happily brings his foot forward, beckoning me to put the sock on.
  • We have tiny shoes too, which we put on his feet when I take him out for walks in the park. Though he can’t walk by himself. He can cover a decent distance, with me holding his hands.
Enjoying some quiet time in the balcony
  • He loves pressing the switches on and off. One moment if he’s let free, he rushes to the switch board next to the bed and gets on to this task. It’s adorable to watch him switch on the fan and turn to ceiling to verify it.
  • Same is the case with opening and closing of doors, of cupboards and kitchen cabinets. If I am worried about him falling or getting his fingers caught between the doors, all he cares about is the thud of the door shutting.
His favorite switchboard
  • Two molars have popped up and its fun watching him chew on the tiny pieces of papaya or veggies. But he hates brushing his teeth and ensures that he bites me enough during the process. I am already worried about cavities. 😛
  • He loves standing in front of the mirror. The one in our room, he can just about see his forehead and he stands on his toes to see himself better. He plays peek-a-boo with himself in the mirror in the other room, where he can see his complete reflection.
Standing on his toes
  • He is so attracted by the ads on the television that he turns a deaf ear. He doesn’t respond until those are done! He looks away and goes back to playing the moment the ads are done and the shows resume. I am already having nightmares of him being a TV addict, like so many other kids these days. Is there a solution? Living with the in-laws, the TV control is never with us and random shows keep running all day long. 😦
  • He has turned super clingy when I am home, with me being out at work, most part of the day. Wants me to be around and carry him.


  • He speaks a few words, like “Bow”, when he sees a dog. In fact when he sees any animal or any stuffed animal. The Tiger, Penguin and Duck, everything is a “Bow” for now. 😀 His favorite word however is “off”. He utters “off”, when the lights go off, when the TV is switched off, when the fan stops, even when he sees a street light, which isn’t working! It’s amazing to see how well he relates the word to the things. He does utter sounds like “thatha”, “atha” etc. but none of them consistently to refer to anything in particular. Am still waiting to hear “Amma” and “Appa”. He probably knows how much we long for it and is taking us for a ride. 😛
  • He understands my moods and knows when I am not pleased, like when he is putting some random thing into his mouth. When I express my displeasure. He looks at me and says “aaah”, “aaah”, until I respond with a smile.

While there are moments that I feel he is growing up too soon and so is his intelligence and understanding of things, there are also moments of the innocent baby-ness. The latter will get fewer with time I know, and that thought already makes me feel sad. Let me hold on tight to my baby for a while more, before he turns into a child. 😦


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  1. I loved this for so many reasons. In the grand scheme of things a lot of our current worries do not matter at all, right? It is a big relief how we do not need to fuss over everything.
    Loved reading Gundu’s updates – such cute pics. Wish you a lovely motherhood always 🙂

    1. Arch says:

      Yes.. Sadly, we fail to realize it most of the time. Thank you so much 🙂

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