3 most important values


Honesty – This holds the utmost importance to me. Nothing enrages me more than petty lies and dishonesty. I don’t mind it, if people speak the truth on my face instead of finding reasons or excuses. The principles of honesty are deep-rooted within me. My mind goes back to an incident that had occurred, back when I was in school, in my 6th grade, nearly 20 years back. When we had class tests, the seating arrangement would be such that, one person from 6th grade would be sitting between two people from the 7th grade.

In a similar arrangement, the two boys seated close to me were busy copying answers from each other. Nudging each other and distracting me, who was trying to concentrate on finishing her paper. I was so irked, that I got up boldly, called out to the teacher and told her “These boys are copying from a long time”. The teacher, dismayed and angry, gave them a strict warning and let them go. Oh! The boys were so angry with me! They in fact held a grudge against me for the subsequent years at school, gave me angry glares and stares whenever I crossed them. I never cared about it and not for once, did I feel that what I did was wrong. Even today I feel sad, when I see people grow to great heights in the organization, with no effort and by sucking up to others higher in the management. It hurts to see that genuine effort isn’t appreciated. But I will by no means, ever, take the short cut.

Respect – This I believe is truly earned. We are taught to respect our elders, teachers, mentors etc. But few people, actually earn it. They are the truly deserving ones. Back in school, I was asked to write an article on “Change in the schooling system and quality of education over time”. I had written about how educational institutions and the teachers play a significant role in shaping the future of students. The private tuition system was gaining speed in those days, so I wrote, how that was affecting education. How suddenly the sacred profession of teaching was becoming a business. Most teachers couldn’t digest the content of my article and took it as a personal attack. One teacher, who taught us English, stood up for me and reasoned out as to why my article was relevant and what it intended to convey. I had admired her even before the incident, but this occurrence made my respect for her grow multifold. This incident is very close to my heart and I can still remember the day, the staff-room and the teachers accusing my writing ad Mrs. Rebu, standing up for me.

Love – the underlying factor that drives everything, I suppose. Works best, when expressed generously. I for one can’t have enough of smothering my son with kisses and singing his praise. My husband on the other is so reserved with his expression of love. I keep pushing him to get better. No harm is ever done by expressing love. More, the better. 🙂


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