I am on this earth to…


This prompt brought forth the thoughts that I keep trying to push to the background. I’ve deep down in my heart believed that I’m on this earth to achieve something big. I know that “big” is a relative term. Since childhood, I always felt that I need to prove my capability to my parents by achieving something big, in their eyes. Sadly I don’t think I’ve done anything phenomenal till now. Something that would make a few people stand up and take notice of me.

> Every night, when I say a small prayer, before going to bed, I pray that I do better and achieve something significant. This significant goal that I am eternally pursuing may have been broken down to smaller ones and already conquered by me. But I fail to reflect on it. The prayer and the imagination of my existence on this earth hasn’t changed so far.

> I am also here to touch a few lives. A few genuine tears shed and few fond remembrances of me, when am on my way out of this earth is what I hope I’ll have earned in my days here.

> Sadhguru in one of his talks said, that having a baby is a 20 year old project. Take it up, only if you are committed to it. I’ve chosen to have a child, so I think I am on this earth to also give him a good upbringing and help him grow into an admirable individual. Not jumping in to solve all his problems or neglecting him completely. I am here to find the right balance and help him in the years to come.

In the eternal hope to find significance to my inconsequential existence.


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  1. I really can so so relate to this post at so many levels – I always believe I am here to do something big too. I don’t know what it is, but I hope to touch lives too. I think, this belief and hope keep me very very excited most days. Does it happen to you too? That prospect of waking up and wondering what you can learn, what can you change? Ofcourse there are bleh days but I like to think this fuels my life a lot. Sometimes, we would have touched someone without even knowing it but as long as we have, I think we are okay 🙂
    Loved this post so much, Arch.

    1. Arch says:

      Yes, the prospect of doing something great keeps me on the go. Yet, sometimes I feel the same pursuit makes me classify some achievements of mine as mediocre, when in reality it may not be so.

      Thanks for reading, Piyu! Feels so good know that you can relate to the post. 🙂

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