Inspires me

I don’t remember who, but someone once told me, “Learn all that you can from all the sources you can”. I follow it diligently. I think everyone has something different to teach us.

The teacher I wrote about, in one of my posts, who stood by me, against her colleagues opinion, she was one of my greatest inspirations. I remember her from time to time and aspire to be a human being like her.

A friend SL, about whom I had done a series of posts here, is a great inspiration. She is a good friend even now and great company to be with.

A friend from Ravelry, who is easily my mother’s age, is a constant source of inspiration for trying my hand at new things and seeing things to completion. She has magic in her hands. She churns out beautiful stuff in just a matter of hours. She tries numerous things and does them so well! I hope am half as good as her, when I am her age.

My Prof. under whom I worked for a year and a half, who got me interested in Landmark Forum, will always be an inspiration for being such a down-to-earth person, despite being who he is.

Some of the housekeeping staff at office, who give me such a warm smile and talk so nicely though they’ve do all the hard work and stand almost all day.

Bloggers, whose posts I read regularly, they inspire me for being such multifaceted and multitalented people.

My Daddy, who never for once complained of being bored/tired of life, though his routine consisted of travelling 60+ km for work. He wasn’t bored even when he was at home, after his voluntary retirement. How he made use of his time, with no cribbing, amazes me, whenever I think of it.

My one year old son, who smiles wide, minutes after falling and crying. He inspires me and makes me realize this life is worthwhile after all. Having him in my life has touched me like nothing else. I am a much happier person now. I wouldn’t have called myself a happy person, if you’d asked me a few a years ago.

The negative people in my life (I call them negative because they are not well-wishers and cannot digest anything good that happens in my life) too inspire me. I have this urge to be happier when I see sadists like them. I aspire to perform better and get to better heights in my life, when I know that what they wish for me is just the opposite.

I hope I can be an inspiration too. For somebody, somewhere, someday…


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  1. Anu says:

    Wow! I see I have missed reading so many posts 😐 good that you’ve taken up the challenge!
    Looking forward to reading many more!

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