I’m obsessed


I had written about my obsession long back – here.

That is still probably my biggest obsession. But having a kid, makes a lot of difference. You have other pressing needs that your mind isn’t so obsessed about the kitchen platform. Add to it, now with a kid, the whole house is messy! So fretting is of no use.

Similarly, I hate clothes falling out of the cupboard! I keep imagining a beautifully organized cupboard, with the clothes in their perfect place and there is no need to keep searching something. But my cupboard had been just the opposite for quite some time now and I was going mad week after week, thinking about it. I just wasn’t getting the time to organize it.

When Gundu is sleeping, he sleeps in the same room and would wake up with any sound. The rest of time on weekends would be lost in other chores, going to mom’s house, and more recently in attending interviews. But I finally made up my mind to clean the wardrobe last Sunday, even if it means Gundu wakes up. I love the outcome! My wardrobe looks so clean and organized. The process itself is therapeutic, if you ask me. Seeing the wardrobe go from looking like a junk yard to looking clean and welcoming, is soothing to the mind.

A neat wardrobe and a nosy toddler 😛

I just hope it stays that way. I’m sure that’s not possible. If only I could be that super-efficient in keeping things perfectly organized, life would be more beautiful. 😉


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